Small Tattoos with Meaning

Virgo sign tatoo

"I would like a small symbol tattoo to place on my inner wrist. I do not want color and I would also like it to have some sort of sentimental meaning. I have tried to consider my interests and also things that I like, yet nothing makes sense for this placement spot. What are some good ideas that I can use for inspiration?"

The inner wrist is the perfect spot to place a small tattoo with meaning. Not only will you see it everyday allowing it to serve as a daily affirmation, this spot can also easily be covered up with your cuffs, bracelets or a watch.

For sentimental and meaningful design ideas, look no further than your astrological sign. All twelve signs of the zodiac have their own symbol. 

Other unique design ideas for the inner wrist include lunar tattoos, star tattoos and also lettering. You can do a monogram tattoo which would be very neat, or you can do a small cameo with a watch in the center and make it a steampunk style tattoo. 

Another idea that could be small in scale would be a skeleton key or a lock. If you play cards or like to gamble, why not opt for a heart, spade or a crown tattoo?

Small scripted verse tattoos are also a good choice for a small yet meaningful tattoo design. Examples for short and sweet words that have significance may include "Love," "Hope," "Joy," and "Peace."

Rather than use words or other symbols, some people use constellations to mark their birth sign. A small dotted tattoo is perfect if you want a minute scale design that is still unique to you.

For the girls, there are plenty of cute tattoos that are small and meaningful. A tiny heart on the outside of your hand, or a candle on your inner wrist with an eternal flame. Cross tattoos can be very small and of course they have significant religious meaning amongst Christians. For Pagan tattoos, why not opt for a pentagram?

Other favorite choices for small tattoos include old-school swallows and also diamonds. A diamond tattoo is often worn on the finger in lieu of the real jewelry deal.

Spiritual tattoos that are small in scale include the Buddha or words like 'Om.' You can also opt for just a few scattered star tattoos for a mystical representation of your beliefs.

Name tattoos can always be sentimental, but make sure you really want to commit to that person or the idea of it before making it permanent. Instead, look at other personal details about that person that could word well into a tattoo design. Numbers such as children's birthdates or lucky numbers are also a unique idea.

The greatest consideration you will have besides your design idea is the size of your tattoo. Because your artist will want it to look its best, make sure you trust their judgment on the scale of your body art. If you aren't happy with that possibility, try to understand your artist is only steering you in the right direction. Perhaps your need to downsize the idea or just place the design somewhere that it can be made larger. With these tips you should be able to plan a small tattoo with meaning that you will treasure no matter the size.