Small Business Gift Ideas for Any Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and small business owners will often give gifts to employees and clients as incentives or rewards. Small value items are also used as promotional rewards by many companies. Perhaps you have an employee who has excelled at their job or you want to thank your best customers for purchases they made during the year. Whatever the reason for giving these categories listed below will help you narrow down your shopping.

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Client Incentive Gift Ideas to 'Wow' Your Most Important Clients

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If you are purchasing a gift for an important client, you need to make sure you select the right gift that is meaningful, appropriate and professional. That's not always an easy task! Here are client gift ideas—from personalized items to edible items—for you to explore as you start your search for the perfect client gift.

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Employee Reward Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

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How do you select the right gifts for your employees, vendors, and contractors? Your first instinct may be to buy one kind of gift for your entire staff but consider customizing gifts for each recipient. By choosing gifts that show how well you know and understand your employees, you are truly expressing your appreciation for their hard work. Use this list of employee gift ideas to get inspired.

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Useful Gift Ideas for Business Associates

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There are a lot of benefits to being mobile these days, one of which is that small business owner can keep up with work, even when they're traveling. But it takes some preparation and planning to work productively on the road. This list of travel-friendly gift ideas is specifically selected for small business owners who travel frequently and those who want to create a mobile office they can take anywhere.

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Practical and Affordable Business Incentives Ideas for Small Business Owners

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If you are working with a small budget, your shopping process is going to be even more challenging. The good news is that there are many gift options that are affordable and still very useful for the recipient. Browse this list of practical gift ideas to find the perfect gift that fits your budget.

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Luxury Business Gifts to Reward Your Favorite Small Business Owner

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Start here if you are on the other end of the spectrum and want to splurge on a gift for your favorite small business owner. This list has gift ideas that are extravagant, luxurious and indulgent. The gifts on this list may not be needed, but they are sure to be treasured.

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Gift Ideas for an Efficient Home Office Worker

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Do you have a recipient on your gift list who works from home, or wants to set up a home office? Then this checklist should be your first stop. It's packed with items that are needed in most home offices in order to create an efficient and comfortable workspace. Select one or two items from this must-have checklist to get your favorite home-based business owner off to a productive start.

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Book Gift Ideas Every Small Business Owner Should Read

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To round out our list of small business gift ideas, here are books that can improve life and business for any entrepreneur. From leadership to motivation, to inspiration, to productivity, this list includes books with something for everyone.