Slippery Stuff Water Based Lubricant

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The Bottom Line

Slippery Stuff was one of the first glycerin-free lubricants on the market. The gel formulation offers a thicker, stay-put, lube that still gets thin as you use it. Because of its consistency Slippery Stuff is ideal for use with sex toys and also good for anal play. Its lack of taste and odor is also a nice bonus.


  • Thicker formulation stays where you put it, but becomes thin as you use it.
  • Glycerin-free, good choice for those prone to yeast infections.
  • Little taste, no odor, dries with a bit less tackiness than other lubes.


  • Consistency isn’t as "silky" as other styles, some people may prefer more glide in their lube.
  • Does contain parabens which some people may react to.
  • Not as long lasting as other water based lubricants.


  • Slippery Stuff is water based, condom and toy compatible.
  • Available in two formulas a thin liquid and a thicker gel.
  • Available in four sizes (from 1oz to 32oz).
  • Flip top cap and larger bottles have a pump dispenser.
  • Slippery Stuff does not contain spermicide.

Guide Review - Slippery Stuff Water Based Lubricant


Interestingly, Slippery Stuff was not originally designed for sex play. Its intended use was to make it easier to get wetsuits on and off! After discovering other important uses for the product, the manufacturer designed a thicker style for sex.

Both formulations are still available, and Slippery Stuff remains a popular lubricant particularly at better quality sex shops.

Slippery Stuff has a nice middle consistency that is not as thick as some lubes, and not as thin as others. Many people find it dries a bit cleaner than other lubricants, and they like the fact that it stays put but doesn’t become gummy or thicker during use.

It’s consistency makes it a good sex toy lubricant, good for use during anal sex, and for people with less mobility who might find thinner lubes difficult to manipulate.

In terms of ingredients, it is glyercin-free, so a good choice if you’re prone to yeast infections. But it does contain parabens, which have been identified as a potential concern for reaction.

Ingredient List: Deionized Water (purified), Polyoxyethelene, Methylparaben, Sodium-carbomer