A Synopsis of The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

The Birth of A Princess and the Evil Spell

Dancers From The Scottish Ballet Prepare For The Christmas Season
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Act I

In a magical Fairy Kingdom, a Princess named Aurora was born to a wonderful King and Queen. The Kingdom’s Fairy of Protection, Lilac Fairy, and all of her maidens were invited to celebrate Princess Aurora’s birth, but in the midst of the excitement the royal family forgot to invite the wicked fairy, Carabosse.

Although Carabosse is distraught by their neglect, she and her crew come to party anyway with evil intentions in mind. She disguises herself as a beautiful fairy and pretends to enjoy the festivities. Despite her outward appearances of happiness and joy, the evil within her boils to the brim and she can no longer contain it.

Carabosse angrily casts a spell over Princess Aurora declaring that on Aurora will prick her finger and die on her 16th birthday. Quick to defense, the Lilac Fairy casts another spell over Aurora saying that rather than dying, Aurora will fall asleep after pricking her finger. After Carabosse leaves, the party is restored and everyone continues to celebrate.

Sixteen years later, the royal family begins to prepare the decorations, food, and entertainment for Princess Aurora’s 16th birthday. After the curse Carbosse cast on the night of her birth, the King ordered that all sharp objects be kept out of the kingdom hoping spare Aurora from any cuts and pinpricks. His rules were broken on the night of Aurora’s 16th birthday party.

During the party, Carabosse arrives in disguise again - this time as a beautiful seamstress — and presents Princess Aurora with an exquisite tapestry. Enchanted by its beauty, Princess Aurora grabs the tapestry and pricks her finger on a needle that Carabosse secretly embedded within its threads.

Carabosse laughs in victory and runs out of the castle. Remembering the spell she had cast before, Lilac Fairy appears to make sure Princess Aurora falls asleep. Lilac Fairy casts a spell on the entire family and court to fall asleep ensuring them of their safety too.

Act II

One hundred years later in a dark forest, a Prince by the name of Florimund is hunting with his friends. He leaves his friends and insists on being alone. Lilac Fairy hears the commotion and ventures out to Prince Florimund. He tells her that he is lonely and is in need of love. She has a perfect idea. She presents an image of Princess Aurora to him and he instantly falls in love.

She leads him to the castle to rescue the beautiful Princess and put an end to the evil fairy, Carabosse. Lilac Fairy reveals the hidden castle to Prince Florimund. Just when Prince Florimund steps into the castle doorway, Carabosse appears before him. She will not let him pass and a battle quickly follows.

Prince Florimund finally overpowers her and he races into the castle. Knowing the only way to break the spell, he quickly finds Princess Aurora and kisses her. The spell is broken and Carabosse is finally defeated. Princess Aurora and her entire family wake up from their deep sleep. Princess Aurora accepts Prince Florimund's proposal for marriage and her family approves.


The castle is filled with music and laughter as the family and maids clean the dusty old castle for the wedding. The wedding is attended by the Prince’s family as well as the fairies. And like every great fairy tale, they seal their marriage with a kiss and live happily ever after.