Skyrim Hacks, Cheats and Cheat Codes

Skyrim is the fifth game in Bethesda's critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls series, but you don't need to play the first four games to enjoy it. It's available for just about every platform, from PC to Nintendo Switch, which makes it a great place to jump into the series.

Since the game throws you right into the heart of the action, you'll need all the skills you can muster if you ever want to shout dragons out of the sky or avoid getting stomped on by a giant.

The game Skyrim's character size cheat screenshot

If you want to give yourself a little edge, we've assembled all the best cheat codes, exploits, and tips you'll need to survive your time in Skyrim.

Skyrim Console Command Cheat Codes for PC

Skyrim has a ton of cheat codes that you can use if you're playing on PC. These codes are entered by opening the console window and then typing the code that you want to activate. Most of these codes work together, so you can activate more than one at a time.

To activate a Skyrim cheat code:

  1. Press ~ to open up the console window.
  2. Type the cheat code, and press enter.
  3. Repeat step 2 if you wish to enter more codes.
  4. Press ~ to close the console window.

Backup your save game data before using cheat codes. While you can turn most of these codes off, and undo the changes you make, there is always a chance that using cheat codes will corrupt your game and cause undesired effects.

What Does the Cheat Do? Cheat Code
Activates God Mode, which makes you invulnerable in addition to granting infinite stamina, magicka, and carrying weight. tgm
Activates immortal mode, where your character can take damage but will not die. tim
Sets the currently selected non-player character (NPC) to essential, which basically makes them invulnerable.
Note: Typing "setessential 0" will make it so that the NPC can die.
setessential 1
Turns off clipping, which means you can walk through walls. tcl
Opens the character customization screen from the beginning of the game at any time.
Warning: This code also resets your level and all of your skills.
Changes your size or the size of any NPC, with 1 being normal and 10 being enormous. setscale
Changes the player's jump height, with 4 being the default. setgs fjumpheightmin
Unlocks anything you want without needing the right key.
Note: Click on the chest or door you want to open before entering this code.
Allows you to cast any spell you want. psb
Instantly raises your level by one. player.advlevel
Sets your current level to whatever you want. Replace # with the level you desire. player.setlevel #

Modify any skill you want. Replace [skill] with the name of the skill and # with the amount to modify it by.
Example: Typing "player.modav speechcraft 1" will increase your speech skill by one.

player.modav [skill] #
Instantly add any item, in any quanity, to your inventory. Replace [item] with the item code and # with the quantity to add.
Example: Typing "player.additem 0000000f 999" will give you 999 gold.
player.additem [item] #
Add any shout to your character. Replace [shout] with the shout code.
Note: You will still need to use a dragon soul to unlock the word in your skills menu.
player.teachword [shout]
Changes the speed of your movement, with 100 being the default. player.setav speedmult #
Changes the amount of weight you can carry. player.modav carryweight #
Changes your health to the number you choose. player.setav health #
Causes your character to drop items. player.drop
Changes your wanted level.
Example: Typing "player.setcrimegold 0" removes your wanted level entirely.
player.setcrimegold #
Hides all of the in-game menus and interface elements.
Important: Entering the code again will turn the interface back on, but you will need to enter it without being able to see the console.
Turn map markers off. tmm 0
Turn map markers on. tmm 1
Enables free movement of the camera to explore or take screenshots. tfc
Turns the artificial intelligence (AI) of NPCs off so that they won't interact with you. Entering it again turns the AI back on. tai
Turns the combat AI off, which prevents anything from attacking you. Entering it again turns the combat AI back on. tcai
Prevents NPCs from noticing when you steal, kill, or perform other actions that would normally get you in trouble.
Important: NPCs can still catch you if you try to pickpocket them.
Immediately moves you to your quest target. movetoqt
Completes your current primary quest. caqs
Changes the stage of the current quest you're working on in case you messed up or want to skip ahead. setstage
Instantly kills anything you look at.
Note: Look at the thing you want to kill before entering the code.
If you have second thoughts, you can use this command to bring anything back to life just by looking at it. resurrect
Instantly teleport to a room that contains every single item in the game. coc qasmoke
Use this code to return to the regular game after using the previous code to grab whatever goodies you desire. coc riverwood
Obtain all of the items possessed by the targeted character. removeallitems
Changes the time scale of the game, with the default being 20. set timescale to #
Follow this code with the base ID of any NPC or monster in the game, and it will instantly appear next to you.
Example: Typing "placeatme 000F811C" will spawn an ancient fire dragon in your location.
Instantly move to the location of any NPC by entering this code followed by the reference ID of the NPC.
Example: Typing "moveto 000CD92D" will teleport you to the NPC Kharjo if you're having trouble finding him.
Select two NPCs and use this code to change the status of their relationship.
Note: Use a value between -4 and 4.
setrelationshiprank #

Changes the faction of any NPC.
Note: Typing "addtofaction 0005C84D" will make it so the character can join you as a follower, and typing "addtofaction 00019809" will make it so you can marry the character.

Turns the selected NPC invisible and makes it so that nobody can interact with them in any way. disable
Cancels the changes made by the previous code.
Note: Using the disable code on your follower and then using the enable code will change their level to your current level.
Changes the ownership of the targeted item so that you own it, which can remove the stolen status from anything you stole. setownership
Force the targeted NPC to unequip whatever item they are holding. unequipitem
Change the field of view (FOV) of your game with the default being 75. fov
Turns off the fog of war, which allows you to see the whole map. tfow
Removes any spells that have been placed on the target character. dispellallspells
Sets the target item to be removed from the game the next time you load. markfordelete
Takes control of whatever you are looking at.
Note: Entering the code again while looking at your character will turn things back to normal.
Lists every single help command in case you forgot the one you want to use. help

Skyrim Cheats and Exploits for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch

Skyrim is available on a ton of different video game systems, but cheat codes only work on the PC version. The problem is that you can only open the console window in the PC version, so there is absolutely no way to type cheat codes into any other version of Skyrim.

There are a number of cheats and exploits that work in the PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo version of the Skyrim, but they aren't intended, and Bethesda may patch them at any time.

Skyrim Cheat or Exploit How Do You Do It?
Get a free house in Whiterun.

Find the man in Whiterun who is selling a house.

Position yourself so that you will be able to turn toward the man's bedside table while talking to him.

Talk to the man while he is asleep in his bed.

Agree to buy the house, and then immediately open the bedside table and put all of your gold into it.

Return to the conversation, and the man will provide you with a key to the house.

Take your gold back out of the dresser.
Note: Save before attempting this glitch in case it doesn't work the first time.

Get an invincible dog companion.

Speak to Lod in Falkreath to get a quest to find his dog.

Locate the dog outside the village.

Travel to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile with the dog and talk to the Daedra Lord.

The dog will follow you until you finish the quest A Daedra's Best Friend, so don't finish the quest.

Since the dog is technically a quest item, it will will fight alongside you but will not die when attacked.
Note: You can still have another companion while the dog is following you.

Fast travel even if you are over-encumbered. Fast travel is normally disabled if you are carrying too much weight. If you get on a horse, you will be able to fast travel no matter how much weight you are carrying.
Faster movement when over-encumbered. Use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout to get yourself to a place where you can sell some of the stuff you're carrying faster than you would be able to by walking. Using the power swing while walking with with a small weapon equipped will also increase your movement speed.
Prevent fall damage. Quickly toggle sneak mode on and off while descending a dangerous slope to reduce the chance that you will take fall damage.
Get free arrows of any type. Find an NPC who is shooting arrows at a dummy and pick up the arrows they shoot. If you have the skills, you can also pickpocket their arrows and replace then with any other type. They will then shoot that type of arrow, which you will be able to pick up.