Skiing Tattoos and Tips

Skiing Tattoo Ideas and Tips

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Want a lifelong token of your love for skiing? Get a tattoo! Well, not so fast. Tattoos aren't for everyone, but if you are inclined to get a permanent reminder of your passion for powder, fresh mountain air and perfect turns, then refer to our collection of ideas for your inspiration. 

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When to Get Your Tattoo

First, make sure you read up on everything you need to know before you get a tattoo. While a spur of the moment tattoo might sound spontaneous and exciting at first, it is likely to incur regret in the future. When you're sure that you're sure on your tattoo decision, you'll need to book an appointment or walk in your tattoo shop of choice (more on that later). However, what's most important is that you keep in mind how your tattoo will fare when you're on the slopes. Don't plan on going skiing right after you get your tattoo. If you're going to get a tattoo during a ski vacation, for example, you should get the tattoo at the tail end of your vacation so your skiing doesn't interfere with your tattoo, and vice versa.

Choosing a Tattoo Shop

While it is not uncommon to spot a tattoo shop or piercing parlor in the vicinity of a ski resort, especially in bustling resort towns popular with tourists, you shouldn't get your skiing-related tattoo at a shop just because the shop is located in close proximity to a mountain! Before you decide on where you're going to ink up, do your research first. Consult with an artist to ensure he or she is capable of working in the style you're going for, read reviews and most importantly, ensure the tattoo shop keeps up with standard safety safety practices.

Can You Ski After Getting a Tattoo?

Many skiers wonder if they can ski after getting a tattoo. Skiing right after you get a tattoo is generally not a good idea. In order for your tattoo to heal properly and look good in the long term, you need to take care of it in the right way. Unfortunately, excessive movement or prolonged covering can be problematic. Not only will a new tattoo need air to breathe, but friction against your long underwear, gloves, ski socks or boots can irritate your tattoo and interrupt the healing process. This can cause flaws in the ultimate appearance of your tattoo, in the form of blurred lines, faded color and distorted shapes.

How Long Should You Wait To Go Skiing After You Get a Tattoo? 

Generally, you should give your tattoo at least two to three weeks to heal before you ski, but make sure you consult with your tattoo artist as this time period can be more or less depending on the location, size and style of your tattoo design.