Skiing Clothing Buyer's Guide

Woman holding skis on shoulder
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Your ski clothing has a bigger impact on your ski day than you might think. After all, skiing in ill-fitting ski clothes is not only extremely uncomfortable, but it can hinder your performance too. Here's more information on finding ski clothes that will keep you warm and let you move freely, too.

What to Wear Skiing

If you aren't sure what to wear skiing, it's best to start with the basics and then move on to the accessories. Here is a guideline for what to wear to skiing, which you can use as a checklist when you begin to assemble your ski wardrobe.

Ski Jackets

Women's Ski Jackets
Some of the best women's ski jackets, where both fashion and function is important.

Men's Ski Jackets
Winter-weight men's ski jackets that perform well during cold months.

Men's Spring Ski Jackets
Men's ski jackets that are lighter weight for spring temperatures.

Ski Pants

Women's Ski Pants
The best women's ski pants that will allow optimal movement, look great and keep you warm.

Men's Ski Pants
Functional, modern ski pants for the male skier who doesn't want to be inhibited by ill-fitting and poor performing ski pants.

Ski Base Layers, Gloves, and Socks

Men's Base Layer
Skiing base layer clothing should be lightweight and tight fitting to keep your body heat in and sweat out.

Women's Base Layer
Women's base layers are designed with a compression fit and feminine silhouette to keep you warm and dry.

Women's Ski Gloves
A quality pair of gloves needs to shield your hands from the wind while ensuring that all of your fingers are warm, but you still need to be able to move your hands. Here is a list of women's ski gloves that will keep your hands warm throughout your ski day.

Men's Ski Gloves
Ski gloves are an important part of your ski wardrobe, and unless you want cold hands, they can't be overlooked as a non-important accessory. After all, a pair of well-fitting, warm ski gloves or ski mittens can make your ski day a lot better!

Ski Socks
With the evolution of the ski boot and its insulating properties, sock manufacturers can now strive to keep feet comfortable, keep feet dry and give the feet the ability to feel the balance of the ski boot and binding. Here’s a look at some of the best ski socks available today.

Apres-Ski Attire

Perhaps surprisingly, apres-ski is as important to some skiers as their actual time skiing. If you're one of these skiers who values the apres-ski events that take place after your final run of the day, here are more resources for you.

Women's Snow Boots
Women's snow boots that not only work for apres-ski but are great for trudging through winter resorts, too.

Men's Snow Boots
Functional men's snow boots that work for apres-ski, winter activities, or simply running errands during the cold winter months.

What to Wear for Apres-Ski
Apres-ski attire is important to the apres-ski experience, and the right clothes can make - or break - your night. Here's more information on apres-attire, including apres-ski clothing and apres-ski boots.

Kids Ski Clothes

Girls Ski Jackets
Young ladies who love to ski usually want more than just a warm jacket - most likely, it's got to match her ski pants, boots, and skis, too. At the same time, though, the jacket must be waterproof, breathable and comfortable, so she really can "ski like a girl" all day long, without being burdened by a jacket that's too cold or too hot.

Boys Ski Jackets
A good boys ski jacket needs to be at once weatherproof, durable and affordable. It can be hard to find one that's all three, but these jackets are a good place to start.