Ski Tips for Intermediate Skiers

If you're an intermediate skier, you may be wondering just how to advance off the blues and take on the harder stuff, like glades, moguls, and steeps. However, it's necessary to master the basics and develop a strong, confident ski stance before moving on. These tips will show you how to refine your skiing technique.

The Ankle Flex Test - For Beginners to Experts

Woman in red on skis
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One of the major errors that prevent skiers from mastering challenging trails - moguls, especially - is the tendency for skiers to fall into the "back seat," and let their weight settle into their heels. A tip from Beaver Creek Ski Instructor and author of best-selling ski instruction book, "The 7 Secrets of Skiing," Chalky White, describes the "Ankle Flex Test," which ensures a correct stance that will help skiers maintain balance on tough terrain.

Controlling Speed Technique

When advancing skiers take on Black Diamond terrain they should have a strong knowledge of how to keep their speed under control as the terrain gets steeper. There is hardly anything more scary, or more dangerous, than being out of control and then having to make desperate skidding attempts to stop. Here's how to control your speed, from Martin Heckleman, "Mr. Ski Tips" author of "The New Guide To Skiing," "The Hamlyn Guide To Skiing" and "Step-by-Step Skiing Skill.

How to Sideslip Out of a Difficult Spot

Every skier at one time or another has found themselves in a steep or constricted area where they are uncomfortable in pointing their skis straight down or attempting to cross the fall line in a turn. While it's a difficult position to be in, if you know how to maneuver out of it, you'll be able to make it down the trail safely.

How to Get Up in Soft or Deep Snow

So you've mastered the technique of maneuvering your way out of a fall without taking your skis off - great! Next, you need to know how to get up from a fall in soft, deep snow, especially if you plan on skiing powder. 

How to Find a Lost Ski

Another peril of powder skiing is the possibility of losing your ski in that deep snow. As great as powder skiing is, if you want to ski the pow safely, you've got to be prepared, and one way of doing that is educating yourself before you hit the slopes. Read up on how to find a lost ski in powder, in case it happens to you.

Edge Your Skis With Ankles, Not Hips

Intermediate skiers can really enjoy those first thrills of riding an arcing turn on shaped skis by leaning into the hill and feeling that good old centrifugal force zipping you along like a last skater being propelled by a chain of ice skaters. This is all well and good for a thrill, but relying on hips into the hill and centrifugal force to drive your turn can become habit forming. Here's how to edge your skis with your ankles, not your hips.

Drills for Steering Skis

Learning to "Keep Your Heels Still" while skiing may sound like a strange statement, but read on as Beaver Creek Ski Instructor Chalky White explains how intermediate skiers who make a conscious effort to keep their heels still can improve their skiing.

Tips for Skiing Moguls

To an intermediate skier, moguls are perhaps some of the most awe-inspiring terrains. However, you don't have to be an expert skier to take on the bumps. In fact, the best way to start ​skiing moguls is to start small. Here are some tips for tackling moguls.