7 Great Ski Boot Brands for Men and Women

Woman with ski boots, resting legs on ledge, low section
Tim Macpherson / Getty Images

There are plenty of ski boot brands out there, but which one is the best for you? The better question to ask is: What kind of skier are you? Your skill level, your preferred trail conditions, and the size and shape of your feet all are important factors to consider. Here are some other things to look for:

  • Flex: All ski boots are rated for how much support they provide. The stiffer the boot, the easier it is to carve into turns. A soft flex (rated below 80) is best for beginners, and they're also very forgiving. Once you've got the basics down, you'll want to upgrade to a medium flex (rated between 80 and 100), while advanced skiers will prefer a stiff boot (flex level above 100).
  • Size: Ski boot makers base sizing on a boot's inner liner; this is called mondo sizing. Most brands also offer boots in a variety of widths (called lasts) as well. Both measurements are in centimeters. These dimensions will vary from brand to brand and even between models, so be sure to try on every pair of boots you're considering, because your shoe size may not be the same in a ski boot. In general, a snug fit is best.
  • Liners: All ski boots have removable liners to keep your feet warm. Low-cost boots typically have cheaper liners made of relatively inflexible materials. More expensive models incorporate materials that conform to the shape of your foot for a better fit, and some even offer custom-fit options.
  • Other options: Look for straps for additional flex adjustment. If you do a lot of walking between trails, consider boots with a walk-hike design. And if you have orthopedic issues, look for boots with removable footbeds so you can add your own.

Once you know what you're looking for in a ski boot, choosing among brands will be easier.


Atomic is one of the giants of the skiing industry and has been manufacturing gear since the 1950s. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Atomic probably has a ski boot for you. One standout that reviewers love is the Atomic Hawx Ultra 130. This boot is one of the lightest available, with superior stiffness and excellent support for a variety of ski conditions and trails.


Salomon is another giant in the ski industry, manufacturing boots for a wide range of skiers. Their QST Access 90 is a solid choice for beginner skiers, offering a comfortable fit and wider width than other models. Experts also recommend the Salomon X-Pro 120 for advanced skiers looking for a stiff, supportive boot that has a customizable fit.


Fischer has a good selection of men's, women's and junior ski boots, and there's no mistaking their aggressive, race-inspired styling. Several of their ski boot models get good reviews from experts, including the RC Pro 130 Vacuum Full Fit. Skiers love the straps, dials, and custom liners of these boots, though some reviewers point out that at close to $900, they're also more expensive than competing models.


The family-owned Dalbello company only makes one thing: ski boots. Over the years, they've earned a reputation for excellent boots, particularly for adventure and freeride skiers. Their Diablo Pantera ID 120 and ID 130 ski boots both earn positive reviews from advanced skiers, who love the customizable liners and adjustable straps for a better fit.


Nordica sells boots for a range of skiers. Their Cruise 60 model is a great choice for novice skiers, reviewers say, with a comfortable fit and plenty of flex that beginners love. At about $200, they're also a good budget choice, experts say. For advanced skiers, consider the Speedmachine 130. With its multiple straps and a shell that can be customized at the dealer for a precise, responsive fit.


The Lange ski boot company makes performance a priority, especially with their flagship R series, which was created after surveying 20,000 skiers. Their Lange RX 120 is a reviewer favorite, particularly for downhill skiers; this boot was named an Editor's Choice by Outdoor Gear Lab in 2017.


Tecnica has over 40 models of ski boots, including their Cochise line of boots, which are aimed at freeride skiers. Reviewers single out the Technica Cochise 120, praising its easy walk mode, replaceable soles, comfortable liner, and lightweight construction.