Have Fun Sketching Celebrity Drawings

Mastering Celebrity Drawings can be loads of fun and profitable!

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe in Pencil
Portrait of Marilyn Monroe in Pencil.

Love celebs? So have fun following along with these Celebrity Drawings!

So you're interested in drawing your favorite personalities? Drawing celebrities is an exciting activity especially when you're a fan of the individual you're trying to illustrate.

If done right, you can solicit positive reactions from viewers whether you're making realistic drawings of celebrities or creating caricatures. Otherwise, they could laugh out at you for doing a crappy job.

Even when you're creating comic strips of celebrities using stick figures, there's still a way to catch the fans' attention and invoke a chuckle from them as they say, "it does resemble Johnny Depp!"

There's one secret to know when you want your viewers to identify immediately the person you're drawing -- identify the most distinguishing part of the celebrity. All celebs have one or maybe more!

So are you planning to draw Marilyn Monroe? Make sure you enhance her blond, wavy hair and her sexy lips. And hey, don't forget her mole! (see how Andy Warhol interpreted Marilyn)

Don't rush to draw realistic-looking celebrities

If you're an emerging artist in drawing, you might have the tendency to attempt creating realistic images of your favorite celebrities right away! I tell you, it's a quick way to frustration.

Creating realistic drawings of celebrities is like drawing ordinary people, except that you're attempting to draw someone that many people already know. In short, people will be quick to notice any flaw you have in your celebrity drawings. You don't want to be ridiculed for drawing a chubby-faced woman and call her Rihanna, do you?

The easiest way to draw realistic drawings of famous people is using the grid system wherein you put grid-lines on your original drawing and copy every square into a larger or smaller grid on your canvas or paper. But that would be a bit like cheating your way to improving your drawing skills. My advice is to search for your favorite celeb cartoon and make a copy of it freehand. See where he or she has exaggerated any facial features!

If you're true to the art form, you can be successful in drawing famous individuals by carefully studying the human anatomical structure especially the face. By doing so, you can get your proportions correct at any angle without solely relying on gridlines.

You will then be able to understand how to accurately draw Zayn Malik's hair and his tilted head. Or realize how many subtle wrinkles you need to draw to ensure that your Eminem drawing is projecting the right attitude. Or perhaps learn about the science of giving your Miley Cyrus drawing a seductive, sexy appeal.

Remember, drawing realistic images of celebrities is just like drawing ordinary people. You need to understand anatomy especially the facial muscle structure to get your proportions and aura right.

Realistic drawings surely can be a strain on your part. But if you're searching for more artistic freedom, consider making caricatures. You can exaggerate or distort any body parts you desire to create a funny drawing.

Caricature is also a great way to ridiculously enhance those distinguishing features that the celebrity is known for. Think about Beyonce's big, graceful hips or Kanye West's shades.

You might even want to give your drawing a more comic appeal such as drawing Elvis Presley under a dark nimbus cloud with his popular hairdo (oversized in caricature) protecting him from the rain. Or maybe you want to give Angelina Jolie's full lips a twisted look as you draw her trying to kiss your audience out of the paper.

Drawing Politicians

Politicians are among the many celebrities that are fun to draw, especially if you're updated on current events and political issues. Whether you're drawing realistic figures or creating caricatures for fun or for satire, the rule is the same though for drawing politicians -- note the distinctive feature the individual has and enhance it. Think about Donald Trump and his wig as he makes his angry speeches on the podium. You might also want to focus on how his mouth moves as he delivers those speeches.

In the past, newspapers have an editorial cartoon section wherein caricatures of politicians are shown in funny ways while still reflecting serious sociopolitical issues. If you're lucky to collect some of these editorial cartoons, study them to help you improve your celebrity drawing skills. Tip: go to Pinteresr.com and search for "celebrity drawings" where you'll find plenty of ideas!

Drawing Entertainers

Singers and band members are also great subjects. Aside from knowing their distinguishing body features, consider the instruments they usually use. So if you're planning to draw singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, it's ideal not to forget the guitar!

If the singer you're illustrating doesn't play an instrument, drawing a microphone will do. But even with that concept, you might want to study how the entertainer holds the microphone. Is it close to his mouth or far away? Does he hug the stand or does he swing it constantly?

Sometimes, backgrounds will further enhance the look of your celebrity drawings. As for singers, think about their popular songs. Will you draw Adele carrying an umbrella as she "Set Fire to the Rain" or will you draw her standing on one side of the fence as she says "Hello"?

More Celebrity Inspirations

There are so many options available to you for celebrity drawings and here are just a few of them:

  • Sports. Will you draw Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. as a rich boxer with gold jewelry all over his body? Or will you illustrate him as the notorious run-and-hug boxer he was known for during his fight with Manny Pacquiao?
  • Hollywood stars. Choosing a theme for a Hollywood celebrity can be hard especially when you choose someone who has done many roles in movies. As a start, try to pick one of his or her characteristics
  • Authors. Consider drawing J. K. Rowling as one of the characters roaming in the Harry Potter world.

Final Words

Like any subject, celebrity drawings require constant practice so that you can learn how you create the perfect illustration that reflects the famous individual you're drawing. In the end, you'll know if you've done a good job if your audience can identify your subject without you having to tell them.