Skateable App Makes Your Phone Into a Skateboard


Skateable is a challenging skateboarding game, where your iPhone is you skateboard. Get comfy on a couch and start playing, spin your phone like it was a skateboard. Kickflips, heelflips, tre flips, shovits we’ve got it all. Your tricks appear on the screen one by one. Unless you fail,  you are doing a skate line. The best skatelines get awarded, for doing 15 tre flips in a row you get Mike Mo award. All the tricks you’re doing are being collected and you can monitor your progress in the Progess tab.

I asked Wojtek, the creator of Skateable, a few questions about himself and the app, to get to know him and his work better:

1. Tell me about your own background with skateboarding

I got my first skateboard when I was ten and I’ve been skateboarding ever since (I’m 23). When I was young I used to skate a lot and I’ve always tried to tie it with my other hobby, computers. In my teenage years I’ve created skate news website and our crew homepage.  Now, I’m living in a much bigger city,  there are a lot of great skateboarders here, it’s super fun to skate with them. I try to get out on the streets as much as possible.

2. How did you go from that, to making an entire APP?!  

One day I was chilling with my friend, and he has this habit of flipping his phone like it was a skateboard, I have the same. I thought it would be cool to make an app that could recognise the tricks and let us play S.K.A.T.E. Easier said then done, but after couple months of designing & programming it was ready, Skateable 1.0.

3.What goes into making an app like this?  What's actually hard, or easy about it?  What's challenging?

It’s a lot of fun. I love programming and skateboarding and thanks to Skateable I have both. The hard part was of course analysing the gyroscrope data and classifing it as skateboard tricks. I still didn’t get the “impossible" trick to work. Testing was the best part, it's fun to watch other people playing. My friend Paweł came up with creative tre flip, where he would turn around in place and do a kickflip with his phone in the mean time, in Skateable that also counts as tre flip. The other friend can do a tre flip where he would straighten one of his fingers, the way Stefan Janoski does tre flips on a skateboard.

So, what is Skatable?

Skateable is an innovative skateboard simulator. Rotate your device and
the app will recognize what skateboard trick it is. There’s over 100 different
tricks that the app recognizes. Skateboarders, snowboarders, fingerboarders
and surfers - we all have been imagining our device as a board, playing
with it when the weather conditions don’t allow us to skate. Let's turn this into
a game.

Skateable is the first app that's smart enough to recognize the iPhone’s
rotations and translates them as skateboard tricks. It's the first real simulator.
Skateable knows the S.K.A.T.E game rules and let you play it with your

S.K.A.T.E Rules
One player sets a trick by doing a particular skateboarding trick of their
choice. If the trick is not landed, another player attempts to set a trick. Once
a trick has been set, the other players must respond by doing the same trick
in their first try. For each unsuccessful respond, the player receives an "S", "K",
"A", "T" or "E" (Depending on how many tricks they fail to land, respectively).
A player who receives an “E" has one last try. If the defensive skateboarder
does not land the rebated trick, he/she loses the game.

• Knows most of the skateboard flat tricks
• Freeride mode
•Multiplayer S.K.A.T.E game
•Goofy and Regular support
• Colorful bolts collection
• Achievements
• Progress on becoming a pro skater

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