All About the Skate Spinner Figure Skating Training Aid

A Figure Skater Does a Spin
A Figure Skater Does a Spin. Soren Hald / Stone Collecton / Getty Images

The Bottom Line

Unlike most figure skating off-ice skate spinners, Skate Spinner is light and can be taken anywhere. Its rectangular shape makes it possible for figure skaters to practice spins, jumps, turns, and landing positions off the ice with ease.

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  • Skate Spinner is very light and can be taken anywhere.


  • Skate Spinner can be dangerous if not used properly.


  • Very light
  • Made of durable hard plastic
  • Works on a hard or smooth surface
  • Available in red, purple, or blue
  • Rectangular shape
  • Recommended by many Professional Skaters Association figure skating coaches

Figure Skating Expert Review - Skate Spinner

By practicing with Skate Spinner, figure skaters will learn to spin with more control and less movement. Skaters can practice camel spins, sit spins, back spins, brackets, counters, and basic figure skating positions off the ice with this product.

Some people will argue that metal skate spinners are better since metal skate spinners are more stable than plastic spinners. Also, metal spinners can be used on carpeted or non-carpeted surfaces, while Skate Spinner must be used on a hard and smooth surface. The best option is for figure skaters to use both kinds of spinners. The advantage of Skate Spinner is that it is so light and compact that it can easily fit into a skate bag and be carried on a plane to a figure skating competition without adding extra weight to a figure skater's skate bag and luggage.

The platform a skater stands on to practice the spins is small and rectangular. It is about the size of the bottom of a figure skater's shoe. In fact, ice skaters should wear sneakers with a good rubber sole while using the product since the shape of the product fits a shoe nicely. Some skaters say that the small platform size of the product makes Skate Spinner easier to use than the larger metal platform skate spinners.

Like all figure skating training aids, Skate Spinner may help some figure skaters, but using Skate Spinner is not a necessity. Figure skaters have learned to spin and jump for years without skate spinners; however, owning and using Skate Spinner will make figure skating training more fun.

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