11 Sites to Find WAH Job Leads

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Timing is an important aspect of any job search. Getting your resume or application in front of the right person (or even at the right company) at the right time can make all the difference. Of course, unless you have an inside contact at a company, it’s hard to know when it’s hiring.

Locating multiple sources of fresh job leads can help you find out when companies have open positions. Now, you could troll the Internet and/or Craigslist to find job leads yourself, but that is very time consuming and probably unnecessary, given what’s available on the Internet.

Since my focus is work-at-home jobs, I’ve put together some links to (mostly) free daily job leads blogs and websites that specialize in telecommuting and freelance jobs.

Work-at-Home Job Leads

Bookmark this page and come back to it regularly. But remember these job leads aren’t pre-screened, so know the signs of a work-at-home scam.

  1. Rat Race Rebellion - Daily job leads here run the gamut, but a lot are home call center companies.
  2. Telecommute Job List - This site segments itself into lists for legal, accounting, writing, Internet/web design, medical jobs from home.
  3. Work at Home Space - These are all pretty much Craigslist posting, but this makes it a lot easier than searching multiple cities’ listings.
  4. FlexJobs - This service posts decent telecommuting gigs, but it is not free so read the FlexJobs review first to decide if it’s right for you.
  5. FreelanceJobOpenings.com - These are mostly entry-level writing jobs, but you’ll find translation and search engine evaluation job leads here as well.
  6. Indeed.com Telecommuting - This popular careers website is sorted by telecommuting jobs; to narrow it to your field, choose additional search terms for your industry.
  7. Jobs.jobs - Major companies use the .jobs domain to advertise open positions.
  8. FWJ Freelance Writing Jobs - As the name implies, this one specialized in jobs for writers, editors and bloggers. It is updated daily.
  9. WAHJobLeads - The opportunities on this board are culled from a variety of sources. It isn’t updated daily, though.
  10. Non Phone Jobs - Crowdsourcing, online teaching, data entry and search evaluation are among the types of positions on this site. Entries aren’t dated so it’s tough to know how fresh they are unless you’re a regular visitor.
  11. The Work at Home Journal - Though this site is updated frequently, not everything it lists are job leads, but sometimes they are companies that hire telecommuters regularly.


Work-at-Home Companies

However, one problem with published lists of daily job leads can be that many other people see them too, making the competition tougher. So while browsing job leads in your field may be important, pinpointing a company that may hire you to work from home and checking its job listings periodically is important as well. So also check out this list of more than 200 companies with work-at-home jobs, and scroll down for links to list of these WAH companies divided by industry.

Unlike the above links, the companies listed in the links below may not necessarily be hiring at this time. However, they are known to directly hire telecommuters on a regular basis, so check back often if you a company you’re interested in.