Sir Donald Bradman In Quotes

Sir Donald Bradman Cricket legend, Adelaide
Donald Bradman. Jamie Marshall - Tribaleye Images / Getty Images

On our list of the top ten most unbeatable cricket records, Sir Donald Bradman takes the top spot. Bradman dominated at the highest level for two decades, and his Test cricket average of 99.94 is so far ahead of anyone else to have played the game, he is considered the greatest cricketing legend in the sport's history.

Everyone who's played cricket, or even taken an interest, has had something to say about 'The Don'. He was also a very astute observer of cricket himself. These are some of the most memorable quotes said by or about Sir Donald Bradman, showcasing his immense cricketing skill and his sharp mind throughout his life.

Bradman On Bradman:

  • Life advice for a young autograph hunter: "If it’s difficult, I’ll do it now. If it’s impossible, I’ll do it presently."
  • On attitude: "I set great store in certain qualities which I believe to be essential in addition to skill. They are that the person conducts his or her life with dignity, with integrity, courage, and perhaps most of all, with modesty."
  • On falling four runs short of a Test career average of 100: "I didn't know it at the time and I don't think the Englishmen knew it either. I think if they had known it they may have been generous enough to let me get four."
  • On match-fixing: "Despite recent sad developments, cricket will survive and remain our most noble game and I shall always remain proud of the part I played in its history and development."
  • On captaincy: "A good captain must be a fighter; confident but not arrogant, firm but not obstinate; able to take criticism without letting it unduly disturb him, for he is sure to get it — and unfairly, too."
  • On his favorite innings, 254 against England in 1930: "Every ball went exactly where I wanted it to go until the ball that got me out."
  • On his place in cricketing history: "The game of cricket existed long before I was born. It will be played centuries after my demise. During my career, I was privileged to give the public my interpretation of its character in the same way that a pianist might interpret the works of Beethoven."

Others On Bradman:

  • "He is probably the most important Australian of all time." -Former Australian cricket captain and broadcaster Richie Benaud
  • "He reminded Australians that they were capable of great things in their own right." -Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard
  • "He wrote 80 letters a day, four hours a day." -biographer Roland Perry
  • "Isn't that Don Bradman over there? I would like to be introduced." -Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at a public gathering in 1948
  • "He was simply the best [...] I would love to have had the great honor of bowling against him" -former England fast bowler Fred Trueman
  • "His innings may have closed, but his legacy will forever live on in the hearts of millions of Australians." -former Australian captain Mark Taylor after Bradman's death was announced
  • "I feel sure something new will have to be introduced to curb Bradman." -Former Surrey captain Percy Fender after Bradman's 252 in this match.
  • "As I ran up to bowl, Bradman seemed to know where the ball was going to pitch, what stroke he was going to play and how many runs he was going to score." -former England spin bowler Jim Laker
  • "No one doubted his ability but [...] with Bradman it seemed like for his own personal glory. This, perhaps, was not altogether his fault but that is how the players felt." -former Australian batsman Jack Fingleton on Bradman's captaincy
  • "The word icon is perhaps used too often, but it does apply to him." -David Graveney, former English first-class player and chairman of selectors
  • "He was never overpowering with his deeds, he was meek in some ways and did not thrust it down people's throat. Today's players could learn a lot from him." -former England captain Brian Close
  • "He was a perfectionist, good at everything he did, and a very nice man as well." -former England player Trevor Bailey
  • "He once asked me if I had read 'Beyond a Boundary', the famous study of Caribbean cricket by C. L. R. James. When I said 'no' he was shocked, and the next thing I knew he had sent me a copy in the post. The world's greatest cricket book, sent to me by the world's greatest cricketer. It was one of the finest moments in my life." -former West Indies fast bowler Wes Hall

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