The Sin City Hustler--Because Apocalyptic Survival Means Going Big

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The Sin City Hustler by Big Toyz Racing Motors

The Sin City Hustler is the World's Longest Monster Truck. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

Somehow, the Sin City Hustler began life as a Ford Excursion, much like Cinderella’s luxury coach was a simple pumpkin. Instead of a fairy godmother (she would’ve probably turned it into something like a Lincoln, anyways) along come Brad and Jen Campbell of Big Toyz Racing Motors.

Brad and Jen take their craft seriously…especially the Big part. Hundreds of billet one-off parts later and the everyday SUV is now the world’s longest monster truck.

How big? The Sin City Hustler stands 12 feet tall, 32 feet long and is 11.8 feet wide. Underneath, 66”x44”x25” 6-ply all-terrain flotation tires from Firestone keep things moving. The wheels are steel 25”x32” with Clarke and Rockwell-style flanges. Turning those wheels is a 521-cubic-inch Ford big block engine that dishes out over 700 hp on pump gas, whereas many race engines delivering that type of muscle sip much more powerful and exotic concoctions like Nitromethane. Naturally, not being tied to more exotic fuels is a bonus in a crisis.

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The Sin City Hustler: An Unbreakable Frame?

8 26-inch nitrogen-filled shocks (4 which have external flow control) means this schoolbus-sized monster is ready for serious air. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

So is having a vehicle with a frame that’s claimed to be virtually unbreakable. Brad hand-crafted over 1500 feet of DOM tubing for the chassis to keep things strong and firm. Who’s DOM? Short for Drawn-Over-Mandrill, DOM’s actually a manufacturing process that results in more consistent dimensions (like wall thickness) and more reliable welding. Supporting that tough frame is a custom-built 4-link suspension. For off-road applications (or navigating over a sea of abandoned vehicles), it’s important to have a suspension that a lot of travel—the length that a tire can be pushed up by an object before it hits the body of the truck. The Sin City Hustler boasts 8 26-inch nitrogen-filled shocks with 1 nitrogen bump stop on each of the vehicle’s corners. 4 of those shocks have external flow control, meaning they’re extremely adjustable for a greater amount of abuse. All of this doesn’t mean much if your brakes aren’t up to the task of stopping the 15,000-lb. beast. Common in large trucks, the Hustler features driveline brakes that stop the action before it gets to the wheels—saving brutal wear-and-tear on wheel-mounted brakes and rotors. 

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Fast Repair Means Apocalyptic Survival

The Sin City Huster's 521c.i. Ford big block engine serves up over 700hp sipping (chugging?) common gasoline. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

In the event of a major mishap, Brad and Jen promise a simple, easy repair experience. The virtually maintenance-free, modular design allows for fast fixes. No doubt you’ve seen the tense moments depicted on the screen as opportunistic gangs/zombies/mutant vampires close in on survivors whose brilliant escape suddenly grinds to a halt thanks to mechanical problems. The Hustler’s transfer case gears can be replaced in just a few minutes, its transmission can be pulled within 30 minutes and a full engine swap accomplished in a few hours. Yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to even think of an engine swap out in the field during the apocalypse. Good luck finding a crane or cherry picker.

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The Sin City Hustler: Suprisingly Secure

The remote-operated hatch can be opened fro up to 1500 feet away, allowing for a sprinting escape if trouble's found you. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

Thanks to its unique proportions, however, the monster limo would be great for something you don’t see often in the genre—rescuing people. For one, there’s seating for 12 additional people inside. Swapping out a few of the racebucket seats is simple, opening workspace for the injured or additional supplies. Power for additional equipment isn’t a problem, either, considering that there are 12 Optima AGM batteries running everything from the ignition to the rear steering pump and 2 13,500-watt rooftop air conditioners. Take one air conditioner offline and you’ll have plenty of additional juice. The Hustler’s cavernous interior also offers adequate security for a variety of nightmarish Hollywood situations. The only real way into the cabin (even though the truck’s original 4 doors and power windows still work) is to enter through a ladder-style load door in the rear that seals to the back of the truck when closed. Operated by a remote, the hydraulic rear door can be opened from a distance of up to 1500 feet away—perfect for a fast getaway when the LZ is getting hot. Lastly, the 1/8-inch Lexan used throughout the cabin not only gives passengers a great view of the suspension, drivetrain, 4-wheel steering system and terrain during the ride (along with any undead you may be crushing), it also should be pretty impervious to pelting from unfriendly locals and may even hold its own against small arms fire.

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Configure It for Your Survival Strategy

Seating for 13 means there's enough space to transform your ride into a rolling clinic, an RV or a killer supply run vehicle. © Big Toyz Racing Motors

Whether it would be your mobile ambulance of the apocalypse, your personal RV for hostile environments or simply your go-anywhere transport that intimidates would-be attackers, we believe the Sin City Hustler deserves a serious look. Check out the Big Toyz Racing Motors website here.