The Sims PC Cheats Guide

Get more money, evade taxes, and more

Will Wright's 2000 life simulation video game The Sims is one of the best-selling titles of all time. In it, you build a virtual neighborhood populated by people called Sims. Then, you can alter their moods, decorate their homes, and more. Whether you're just now discovering the franchise or enjoying it again, here's a quick guide to cheat codes that can make your time in The Sims even more fun.

This guide is specifically for the PC version of The Sims on PC.

The Sims PC Cheat Codes

To enter one of the codes below, press Shift+Control+Alt+C and type it at the prompt.

To enter several cheats at once, type a semicolon between each code.

Cheat Code Effect
KLAPAUCIUS Gives you 1,000 Simoleons. Note: The version 1.1 code is ROSEBUD.
WATER TOOL Places water around your home.
CAM_MODE Toggles camera mode.
MUSIC Toggles music.
SOUND Toggles sound.
HTML Toggles web page creation tool.
SOUNDEVENT Toggles sound event.
RELOAD_PEOPLE Total reload of skins, animations, suits, and people.
SET HOUR (1 to 24) Sets a specific wakeup time.
SIM_SPEED (-1000 to 1000) Sets gameplay speed.
INTERESTS Changes your personality and interests.
AUTONOMY (0-100) Sets the sims' free-thinking or IQ level.
GROW GRASS (0-150) Makes the grass grow.
EDIT_GRASS (0-150) Changes the height of the grass.
MANSION Gives you the best house.
BUBBLE_TWEAK <Z offset> Sets thought bubble z offset.
ASSERT Forces assert to test.
SIM_LOG END Stops sim logging.
SIM_LOG BEGIN Starts sim logging.
DEBUG_SOCIAL Shows social dialogue choices.
DRAW_ORIGINS Shows a sim's origin.
DUMP_HAPPY Sends a sim's recent interactions to file.
DUMP_MC Send a sim's motive contribution curve to a file.
LOT SIZE + [number] Sets lot size.
EDIT CHAR Enters character creation mode.
DRAW_ROUTES ON Show a sim's route.
DRAW_ROUTES OFF Stops showing a sim's route.
HISTORY Saves family history file.
HIST_ADD Adds new family history stat to family.
IMPORT <FAM File> Imports family file.
VISITOR_CONTROL Toggles ability to control visitors with keyboard.
LOG MASK Sets event logging mask.
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON Enables floorable grid.
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF Disables floorable grid.
MAP EDIT ON Turns map editing on.
MAP EDIT OFF Turns map editing off.
MOVE_OBJECTS Moves any object.
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON Previews animations.
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF Disables animation preview.
PREPARE_LOT Fixes required lot objects.
ROTATION (1-3) Rotates the camera.
ROUTE BALOONS ON Enables basic tutorials.
ROUTE BALOONS OFF Disables basic tutorials.
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON Draws all frames.
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF Disables frame drawing.
TILE INFO ON Shows tile info.
TILE INFO OFF Hides tile info.
SWEEP ON Enables ticks.
SWEEP OFF Disables ticks.

How to Repeat Your Last Cheat

Press Shift+Control+Alt+C, then press ! (the exclamation point key) to repeat the last cheat code entered. To do more than one repeat, add more exclamation points separated by semi-colons.

Slow Down to Trap Burglars and Roomies

If you need more time to summon law enforcement during a burglary, hold the cursor over the criminal and track him with it. This makes him walk in slow motion. To trap a burglar, pause the game and build a fence around him, then call the police. This trick works on roomies, too, but maybe don't call the cops on them.

How to Eliminate Bills

Get rid of bills completely by using the Move_Objects cheat to pick up your mailbox, then press Delete. Turn off Move_Objects when you're done.

How to Kill Your Sim

To kill off your sim, make the sim go for a swim in the pool, then remove the ladders and diving board.

How to Never Miss Work

Want to make sure you never miss a day at work? Move your garbage can into the middle of the road. When the car pulls up, it will beep the horn and stop.