Simple Steps to Give Your Salon a Facelift

Budget-friendly makeover advice right here.

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It's important to keep your salon looking updated and modern. From salon appliances to decor, we're breaking down some simple steps to give your salon a makeover without breaking the bank.

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Paint the Walls

Painting the walls in your salon every few years might sound like a complete pain, but it's one of the simplest ways to give your salon an updated look.

Hair color,  hairspray, and other products can wreak havoc on walls, creating stains and causing cloudy buildup. Your walls may not look like they need a coat of fresh paint, but you'll notice a huge difference to the brightness and clarity of the salon when you do it.

When painting your salon, keep in mind that the color you choose is very important. The color on the walls will affect how the hair color looks on your client's head. If you choose a very warm color, expect to be running to the closest window every time your client asks if their color looks brassy to you. It's probably not brassy at all, but the warm color on the walls can definitely affect the way hair color looks in the salon.

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Make Your Salon an Art Gallery

At a salon I used to work at, the owner would have monthly rotations of art on the walls. This was super fun for clients because they always looked forward to what new art they would be seeing, and it was a great talking point when they didn't like what they saw.

Pairing up with artists is a cheap way to decorate your salon, and you can even make some money by taking a commission on any art that is sold.

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Repurpose Salon Furniture

By using antique furniture in your salon, you can get away with having an eclectic look that allows for constant changes. When the furniture doesn't all look the same, it's easy to sneak in new single pieces and avoid having to change everything at once.

Check out places like craigslist, estate sales, and E​​bay for some of the best deals. If you are interested in restoring furniture, this can be a cheap and creative way to outfit your salon.

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Designate an Accent Wall or Area

Pick a spot in your salon, like the waiting area or the dressing rooms, and rotate the decor often. By changing a single wall color or using temporary wallpaper in this area, you can trick your customers into thinking that big changes are always going on.

Find art that can be changed around or purchase different swaths of fabric that can be sewn into curtains for the dressing rooms. Change these accessories out every few months to keep the place looking fresh.

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Rotating Blooms

This isn't the cheapest option, but it's definitely beautiful and luxurious. Set up a service that will deliver different flower displays each week that can sit in your entryway or on the receptionist's desk.

At my old salon, Ted Gibson, we had beautiful cherry blossoms delivered every week that were the size of a small tree. Clients would always marvel at them and comment on what a nice touch they were.

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Reuse and Recycle

Scouring Craigslist or Ebay for new salon appliances can be a cheap way to outfit your salon. If you are using dry heat processors, search for a steam processor to speed up hair color processing times.

Need new salon chairs? These websites can be a fantastic place to search for salon furniture and appliances. Your clients will take note that you're taking the time to make new investments in your salon.