Simple Figure Skating Toe Jumps

There are some simple toe jumps that are fun and easy to do on figure skates. As a figure skater advances and hones skills, simple jumps are used to connect more complex steps and elements in a program.

Bunny Hop

Girls (10-11) ice skating on frozen pond

Ascent/PKS Media Inc./Getty Images

The bunny hop is a fun and easy ice skating jump. It is one of the first jumps new figure skaters learn and master.

Mazurka Jump

In the mazurka jump, there is a cross-legged pose in the air. Figure skating legend, Sonja Henie, did huge mazurka jumps. Today's skaters rarely do the large mazurkas that were once a standard for most figure skaters.

Split Jump

A split jump is a figure skating jump where the familiar split position that can be done on the floor is done in the air.

Stag Jump

A stag jump is a simple half revolution figure skating jump that similar to a split jump, but the forward leg is bent at the knee.

Ballet Jump

The ballet jump looks a bit like a ballet dancer dancing en pointe.

Tap Toe Jump

A tap toe jump is a simple figure skating jump that does not rotate and resembles a skater skipping sideways. The jump is similar to a mazurka jump, but there is no scissor action and the legs don't cross in the air.

Half Flip Jump

In a half flip jump, from a backward inside edge, the skater "picks" with the other toe, jumps and turns a half revolution in the air, lands on another toe, and exits on a forward inside edge.

Falling Leaf Jump

In a falling leaf jump, the skater glides backward on a back outside edge at first. As the skater begins the jump, he or she will turn and leap up off the backward skating foot. There will be a half-turn rotation in the air. If the skater wishes, he or she can split a bit in the air by scissor splitting both legs during the jump.