The Simple Build: Cool Construction Management Online Software

It Goes Beyond With Some Interesting Features

SimpleBuild Project Dashboard


Construction management is now an online skill that needs to be taken to the next level. The Simple Build offers just that, creating a very useful online tool that will facilitate your job and will save money by streamlining the management process. The online software is a construction management integrated platform aimed at contractors, builders, and remodelers so that they can do their job faster and without any hassle. The Simple Build can be considered as another SaaS tool available for the construction professional.

Why The Simple Build Is Good for You

The Simple Build online platform is an efficient tool that will help develop your project from design to build and lastly into the warranty process as well. The platform has now released its 2.0 version, and its developers always are keeping an eye on how to maintain the platform as useful and updated as possible. The online tool is available for customers, sub-contractors, supplier and clients for free once the general contractor signs up for the annual service. This tool offers a one-stop-shop for all your construction management needs, such as documents, punch lists, warranties, insurances, appointments and construction schedules.


The SaaS tools offer a cloud-based service, with the latest protection and download speed at any given time. The software offers some key features such as integrated scheduling, punch lists, and daily reports.

Construction Schedules - The tool offers an integrated scheduling tool that will facilitate the coordination with your subcontractors, supplier, and customers. The scheduling tool will generate alerts through phone and/or email when a change has been made to the schedule. The system allows you to assign tasks to construction team members and will solve resource issues by merging multiple schedules into one single output.

Punch Lists - The punch list section will allow you to assign specific action items to your subs, adding corrective notes to that item. Photos can also be attached to the punch lists, and customized reports can be created. Auto-notification can be enabled once a task or action item has been entered.

Document Management - Using the Amazon server, all your documents are stored securely and available even at midnight or over the weekend. The software allows you to upload drawings, specs, permits, photos and any other document relevant to the construction project. The system allows you to upload documents in any file type and backed up to the cloud instantly. Suppliers, sub-contractors, insurance, photos, and purchase orders are just a few of the files available for you to store documents.

Other Areas - The simple build also offers a project dashboard, daily report, bid management process, warranties and lists of contact available at the touch of one button.


The simple build software offers different subscription packages so you can choose the one that fits better for your business. The Annual membership plans cost $500 per year and offer unlimited team members usage, bid management process, training support and video support to questions. It is free for your subs and suppliers.

The Pay per Build plan is $350 per build and can be purchased every time a new contract has been signed. This plan offers also the warranty phase process and has no restriction in terms of duration. The Remodeler plan costs $100 per project and is active for 10 weeks that can be extended at an additional cost if the project lasts more than 10 weeks. They also offer an unlimited plan, but you need to contact them for pricing.

Areas to Improve

It is not clear whether Simple Build can be accessed through the iOS platform. The SaaS could be better if an app version can be created compatible with other construction software tools such as Primavera, MS Project, CAD, BIM 360 and many other commonly used tools. To make the most out of the tool, your supplier and contractors shall be using the online platform to facilitate the sharing and alert process.

In general, the software offers some interesting features such as video integration, quote and bid management process and alert notification system and it can be classified as a must-have tool for the construction professional.