Silicone Lubricant Stain Removal

How Do I Remove a Silicone Lubricant Stain from Fabric

hand in a pink rubber glove scrubbing a stain out of a carpet
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It seems as if silicone personal lubricants are new enough on the market that few professional stain removal sites offer ideas on how to get silicone lubricant stains out of fabric like clothing and bedding.

After receiving a few emails from folks who lost their favorite sheets, and in one case a favorite shirt, I decided to go directly to the source and ask some of my favorite silicone lubricant manufacturers for their tips on silicone stain removal.

Here’s what they suggest.

From Empowered Products:

A substantial spill of any silicone lubricant will be difficult to remove. If related to fabrics, a dry cleaner is usually your best bet as they have more resources in dealing with situations like this on a daily basis.

As far as help with bed linens, I would suggest treating it with a spot-remover product such as Oxy Clean. I personally use it with great results. The key is to wash it as quickly as possible and to wash it in the hottest water safe for the material.

One other tip is to never dry a spotted fabric before making certain that you have removed the spot; otherwise the direct heat of the dryer will cause the spot to settle into the fibers of fabric.

And this short tip from I-D Lubricants:

A strange as this sounds, I find adding a little Cascade Dish soap to the laundry removes the silicone stain from fabric.