Signs Your Relationship Is Strong

Strong relationship
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When you’re in a new or long-term relationship, you may find yourself wondering if your connection with your partner is strong and stable or starting to fade. But how can you really know if you and your partner have a solid relationship?

The good news is that there are six key characteristics of a strong relationship that can help you determine if your connection with each other is long-lasting or on its way to being long gone.


6 Signs of a Strong Relationship

Here are key indicators of a healthy, stable relationship.

You're Honest With Each Other

One of the top indicators that your relationship with your partner is strong is that you’re truthful with one another. This means that you’re both able to communicate openly to each other and that you’re completely honest and forthright about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It also means that you’re not afraid to be vulnerable around one another and put your faith and trust in each other.

And whether you’re looking for support, a shoulder to cry on or simply an opinion about a TV show, if you and your partner are real with one another, this is a clear-cut sign that your relationship is really strong.   

You’re Able to Resolve Disagreements

Another key characteristic of a strong relationship is based on your ability to resolve the arguments, disputes, and squabbles that you may have.

Conflict is an important component of any healthy and successful relationship, and the reality is that you and your partner aren’t going to agree with each other all of the time on every minute detail.

So, when you inevitably have a disagreement, it’s actually your willingness to settle your differences, find common ground and move past these disputes that are the indicators of a strong relationship.

If you just can’t get over a fight, it won’t be too long until you have to get over each other.

You’re Happy

Does spending time with your partner put you in a great mood? An additional sign that your relationship is strong is that being a couple brings you and your partner joy. When you laugh together and are able to goof off and have a good time with one another, these moments of bliss are helping to increase the intimacy and connection between the two of you as well as helping to build a solid foundation upon which your relationship can grow.

By keeping the smiles and laughter flowing, you’re keeping your relationship flowing as well—and strengthening the ties that hold it together.

You Still Have a Life Outside of the Relationship

While it may seem counterintuitive, an additional sign of a strong relationship is that you have a life outside of each other. While your desire may be to spend every second with your partner, it’s important that you continue to make your friends and family a priority and that you don’t neglect the pastimes that were once important to you.

In fact, having a life outside of your relationship can actually help to fortify your connection by enabling you to bring different perspectives and experiences to the table.

You’re on the Same Page About the Future

Another indicator that your relationship is strong is that you’re not only able to talk about a future together, but you also share the same long-term goals. After all, if you have absolutely no desire to get married but your partner is desperate to get hitched, your relationship will never be as strong as it could be because of this major hurdle lurking in the distance.

Even if it may seem scary, intimidating or awkward to have the difficult conversation about your future, if you want to enjoy a strong relationship with your partner, you have to make sure that your long-term hopes, dreams, and desires align. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll have a future without one another.   

You Can Be Yourself

When you’re able to be your 100% authentic self around your partner, this is a tell-tale sign of a strong relationship.

After all, if you find yourself pretending to be someone you’re not and playing a part, you and your partner will most likely part ways.

After all, when you’re constantly trying to be the person you think your partner wants instead of being the person you actually are, you’re undercutting any chance of having a real connection with him or her because you’re not being your real self. Remember, if you want a strong relationship with your partner, you have to be strong enough to be yourself.