10 Signs Your Husband Can't Live without You

Husbands tend to need their wives more than wives need their husbands. This is a fact of life that I have known ever since I was a child observing my own parents. Most of the time it's pretty obvious that men would be useless without their partners. That's usually what motivates them to finally marry in the first place. Still, it's fun to consider the signs that these men need you (and it's nice to be needed):

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He believes fairies pick up his dirty socks.

Some men - not all of them - have no idea how the laundry gets done. They throw their dirty clothes in the hamper or on the floor and miraculously everything ends up clean and neatly folded and organized in their drawers and closet. Little does he know that you are the laundry fairy. Next time, ask him to fold the clothes, so he realizes that these things don't just happen.

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He can't sleep unless you come to bed.

Sure, most men play the macho part in front of their friends. But many married men have lost the ability to sleep without having their spouse next to them. Your spouse might toss and turn while you're in the kitchen finishing up the dishes or at the computer catching up on work. He may even close his eyes and pretend to sleep. Still, he'll pull you close to him when you finally climb into bed and he won't start snoring until you are snugly in his arms or at least lying within reach.

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He has no idea when to celebrate his own mom's birthday.

Single men rarely remember anyone's birthday or any special occasions, unless their mother, or nowadays Facebook, reminds them. Usually, women are the ones who keep up these traditions and remind the men to give a card, call a friend, or buy a gift. When women don't give them this hand, men forget. How many husbands forget their wife's birthday? In fact, I think if women ceased to exist, most men would never celebrate anything and gifts would become obsolete. Without you, he would never remember his mom's birthday. That could be a catastrophe.

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He showers you with hugs and kisses.

Everyone knows most men crave sex, and many believe they need it to survive. Few, however, admit to needing affection. If your man is constantly showering you with hugs and kisses, and he likes to hold hands and cuddle - when no one else is around, of course - then he probably can't stand the thought of being without you. These signs of affection are about comfort and love and not sex. That's pretty special.

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He doesn't know where anything is in the house.

You know the saying. If his brain weren't attached to his head, he would not know where to find it. This is your husband. He has no idea where anything is, even if it's staring him in the face. Children tend to have this problem, too. But wives and mommies never do. They can tell you exactly where in the back of the closet you will find the feather duster that you haven't used in four years and five months. They will know it's been that long, too. Without you, hubby wouldn't be able to find his own feet, let alone the keys to the car or important documents and the like.

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He tells you.

Men might not be able to function without a good woman by their side, but they are not dumb. They know a good thing when they have it. That's why your husband is constantly telling you that he loves you and that he would be lost without you. Although words alone are never enough, they are an important part of your relationship. We all need to be needed. In reality, your husband could fend for himself if he had to. But you sure make his life easier, and he knows it.