7 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

How to Tell if Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Still Loves You

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Do you want to get back with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Missing your ex and wondering if he or she feels the same way? Share your feelings with them - but before you do, make sure that your ex actually wants you back! Keep an eye out for these 7 signs that your ex wants to get back with you. If 3 or more of them are true, then there's a very good chance that he or she is willing to try things out with you again. And if none of them are true, then you're better off holding your tongue and looking for someone new.

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He Starts Conversations with You

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Is he always calling you, texting you or sidling up next to you after class to ask a question?  He's either pushing this "let's be friends" thing extra hard, or he's truly missing your company and wants to be around you more. Also keep an eye out for subtle date invitations, that don't sound like ​dates. For example, he might say "Hey, have you studied for that test? Maybe we should study together." Or "Have you been to the new smooth place that just opened? I heard it was good."  If he's dropping lines like those...he wants to spend some with you.  Read between the lines. 

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She Brings Up Old Inside Jokes and Nicknames

If she wants to talk about all the goofy, fun stuff about your relationship, she's trying to remind you of all the good times you had together.  Especially if she tags you in an old picture online, or post a #TBT of you and her together...she's missing you.  Keep in mind, though, that there were some sucky times too...and consider whether going down that road again is really worth it.

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He's Curious About Your Situation

Has he asked you or your friends if that guy you've been flirting with is your new boyfriend? It's probably because he's jealous of the attention you're giving other guys, and he's hoping you're still single.  Also, have you caught him snooping around and liking photos on your Instagram or Facebook wall? Odds are that he is missing you and is fishing for information on your current relationship status.  If he's liking pics - he's trying to get your attention.  

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She Apologizes for Whatever She Did Wrong

If she made some mistakes in the relationship that came out during the breakup scene, and now she's asking for your forgiveness for them, she might be hoping you'll give her another chance.  There may be a chance that she feels sorry for the things that she did wrong, and she may have learned a lesson from the loss of no longer having you as her companion. 

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His Facebook Page Still Says "In a Relationship"

If your ex-boyfriend still hasn't changed his Facebook status back to "single" yet, he's in denial that you're broken up.  (Just make sure that his status doesn't mean he's in a new relationship.  That would mean just about the opposite.)

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She Doesn't Want to Stop Talking to You

When you talk to her, does she find excuses to keep the conversation going?  She might be hoping that the discussion will turn towards getting back together, though she's too shy to bring it up herself.  Or she might just really, really like talking to you, which is also a good sign.  

Also, does she text you out the blue - for no reason at all?  For example, does she send you text like "What you doing?" or "How are you?" If she sends you random text with no real conversation in mind, then you are probably on her mind, and she wants to let you know that she's thinking about you in a subtle way.  

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He Wants Your Advice

Does it seem like you are his shoulder to lean on when times are tough?  If he comes to you for help with his problems, it means that he still respects your opinions and wants your approval for the choices he makes.  And if the question he's hoping you'll answer for him is, "should we go out again?", well...the choice is yours.  Just be sure to make it carefully.

Article updated by Keisha Howard, Teen Advice Expert.