5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Marriage Material

Here's how to know if your guy is a keeper.

Happy couple
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ould When you are dating a man and desire marriage one day, you will want to take notice of certain aspects of his life. It is critical to make the best choice and not be fooled by infatuation or focusing on things that really are not that important. Here are five signs that your boyfriend will also make a good husband.

1. He is consistent

Being consistent does not mean your boyfriend is boring or predictable. It means that you know you can count on him. If he says he is going to call or pick you up from work, you know he's not going to flake out. This is the kind of man you want to marry. Being consistent also means he doesn't run hot and cold on you all the time. Being consistent often goes along with respecting you and treating you well. It is also a sign that he doesn’t just think about himself!

2. He is financially responsible

The man you're dating does not have to be a millionaire or be able to buy you expensive gifts for every occasion. Being financially responsible means that he has good money habits. He doesn't go into debt because he wants a new big screen television. He pays his bills on time and in full. A financially responsible man will also have a savings account with savings actually in it! Having a savings account is important for everyone to have in case of a job loss or emergency. You want to know that the man you're going to marry will be responsible with money.

3. He supports your goals

It's easy for someone to say he supports your goals and dreams, but if he really supports your dreams his actions will show it. If you need to work through the weekend on a project, does your boyfriend get upset or does he drop off lunch for you before keeping occupied on his own? If he does the latter, he is a supportive boyfriend who respects your life and goals. An understanding boyfriend will not whine and complain when you need to get something time-sensitive accomplished. This kind of boyfriend will make a husband.

4. He is appreciative, not expectant

If your boyfriend is excited and appreciative when you make him dinner or pick him up a treat on your way to his place, he is a man who will make a good husband. On the contrary, a man who begins to expect the nice gestures you do and no longer appreciates them probably will not make a good husband because these sorts of gestures should never be taken for granted no matter how often they are done. You should never be made to feel that you are obligated to do anything.

5. He leads a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle isn't just about physical fitness and eating habits. It also includes mental and emotional health. Does he has a temper or is he able to deal with his anger in healthy ways? How does he handle stress? If he can't avoid the stress of his job, does he work it off at the gym or does he take it out on you? Do you notice that he seeks medical help when necessary? Choosing a healthy lifestyle means that he wants the best for his life and that of those around him.

When you are dating with the idea of finding a suitable husband, there are certain qualities you definitely want to choose over others. Qualities such as his state of mind and lifestyle habits far outweigh superficial ones such as the car he drives or if he is cute.