5 Signs That You're Being Catfished

Woman texting.
Lilly Bloom/Cultura/Getty Images 

Whether you're an experienced dater or are new to dating apps and sites, it can be hard to determine if the people you're messaging back and forth with and talking to are actually who they say they are. In many cases, you have to take people at their word before meeting them in real life. However, catfishing is growing more and more common, as people are lying and creating fake profiles in order to connect with others for a variety of not-so-benign reasons. If you're wondering if you're being catfished, it's imperative to look for these telltale signs that the person you're communicating with is a fake. 

1. This Person Keeps Postponing Meeting You

When the person you're communicating with online continues to delay meeting you in person, this can clue you in that this person may not be who he or she portrays him or herself to be. For example, if you've made plans to meet up multiple times, but he or she always has a reason as to why it can't take place, you should proceed with caution. Many catfishers will often make up excuses about why they can't hang out with you or why they didn't show up to a planned activity, such as having too much work, being unable to get coverage for a family member, or even pretending to be in a car accident on the way to your scheduled meet up. If the excuses keep growing and growing, you're likely being catfished.

2. This Person Won't Video Chat With You

With this in mind, if you're wondering if you're a victim of catfishing, an additional indicator is that the person you're communicating with and want to meet in person won't even video chat with you. If he or she keeps delaying your meetings or he or she lives far away, then video chatting can be the next best thing to connect and get to know someone. However, if this person refuses to video chat with you, says that his or her camera or phone is broken, or keeps putting it off, this is likely because he or she isn't the person that you think. For instance, most catfishers won't meet in person or video chat because this would give away that they've been lying and faking the entire time. Since the online pictures were fake and the information they provided about themselves was completely fabricated, meeting in person and video chatting aren't really options.

3. This Person Asks for Money

One of the clear indicators that you're being catfished is that this person asks you to loan him or her money, even when you've never met or seen each other via video chat. In many instances, after establishing trust with you through messages, texts, and even phone conversations, a catfish will often make up a convincing story about why he or she desperately needs money and how you can send it to him or her. A catfish will play on your emotions and try to get money from you at all costs, always promising that he or she will pay you back. However, if someone you've never met and can't verify is actually real is asking you for a monetary favor, do yourself a favor and stop communicating with this catfish.

4. This Person Has Inconsistencies in His or Her Stories

Another telltale sign that you're being catfished is that this person has inconsistencies in his or her stories and background. For example, when you're getting to know this person through texting and chatting, you may notice that certain details about his or her life may shift or not make sense. You may notice that names and ages of family members don't add up or that he or she doesn't know the answers to basic questions regarding his or her so-called profession. When the specifics don't align or make sense, you should be the one who senses that this is a catfish.  

5. This Person Seems Too Good to Be True

If you're wondering if you're being catfished, you should trust your gut. If this person seems too good to be true, it's important to stay true to your instincts and recognize that you're probably right. For instance, if this person checks every single box, but all he or she needs from you is some money in order for the two of you to be together and live happily ever after, this should actually raise many red flags. If you're having doubts that this person is real, there should be no doubt in your mind that you should end all further communication.