8 Signs It's Time to Break Up

Stuck in a relationship that you're not sure was meant to last? Here's how to tell if it's time to break up or not. See if any of these reasons for breaking up apply to you and your partner, and if they do, start thinking about taking some action.

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You've Been Hurt in Any Way

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This is the only reason for breaking up that's totally unconditional. If your partner has been hurting you in any way—physically or emotionally—you must get out. Now. Seriously.

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You're More Sad Than Happy

Relationships aren't going to be all roses all the time, but they should bring a little joy to your life. If things are too frustrating or depressing and they're not balanced out by any good moments, get out while you still can.

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You're Doing All the Work

If you're the one who's been making all the phone calls, sending all the texts, planning all the dates, and planting all the kisses, then you're not getting what you need out of this relationship (namely: some love in return for all your hard work). There's a good chance your sweetie wants out but is too chicken to break up with you. Take the reins and do it yourself (as usual).

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You've Been Cheated On

Once the trust is gone, there's no good reason to stay in a relationship. Besides, you deserve better than someone who can't keep it together enough to stay loyal to you. If they've cheated once, odds are that they will cheat again. So, get out while you can before they bring on more heartaches.

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You Can't Stop Thinking About Your Ex

Maybe you didn't give yourself enough time to get over your ex before dating again, or maybe you'll never be that into your current sweetie, regardless of the timing. Either way, it's not fair to date somebody while you're pining so hard for somebody else. Break up, and either try things again with your ex or hold off till you meet someone even better.

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Your Friends Are Rallying Against Your Relationship

A lone friend who's upset about your relationship might just be acting out of jealousy, but when all your friends are saying it, you should probably listen. They might be seeing something that you're too blinded by love to see yourself. This isn't a reason to break up right away, but at least talk to your friends and take their warnings seriously.​

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You've Cheated

If you cheat, it's a sign that you'd rather be single or that you're bored. Don't do your partner any favors by sticking it out. The sooner you break up, the less you'll both get hurt in the long run.

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You Just Feel Like It's Time to Move On

You don't need any real, concrete reasons to break up as long as you feel it in your gut. Just explain to your sweetie that things have changed and that you want to be single again. It won't be easy to do, but it'll be a whole lot better than staying in a relationship long after it's worth your while.