6 Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship With You

Unhappy man.
Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

When you really like a guy, you may be trying to decode and interpret his every move in order to determine if he wants a relationship with you in the future. You may find yourself wondering what his intentions truly are, and you may even count how many times he texts you during the day to try and gauge if he's interested in being your man. However, while you may want a long-term commitment, it’s important to pay attention to the six clear signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

1. He's Distracted When You're Together

Have you noticed that he’s always on his phone when you’re with one another? Do you find yourself having to repeat things because he isn’t paying attention to you? One of the clear signs that he’s not interested in having a relationship with you is that he’s distracted and disengaged when you’re together. If his mind is elsewhere, he's checking out mentally, and he doesn’t seem present, he’s actually presenting you with clear evidence that you’re not of much importance to him. But if he’s giving you his full and undivided attention and cherishes your every word, he’s showing you that you matter, and he's far more likely to want a relationship with you. 

2. He Won't Make Long-Term Plans

When you really like a guy, you may be eager to make long-term plans with him. For instance, you may want to invite him to your friend’s wedding a few months in advance, buy concert tickets ahead of time, and even nail down some dates for a trip together. But when a guy doesn’t want a relationship with you, he’s unlikely to commit to anything far off in the future. Rather than being excited by the prospect of being with you for these kinds of activities down the road, he’s hesitant and unable to give you a definitive “yes.” And if a guy doesn’t want to think about your future together, he should be history to you.

3. He Doesn't Introduce You to His Friends

Have you met his friend group yet? When a guy is into you, he’ll make it a point to introduce you to the other important people in his life. Not only will he want his friends to meet you and get to know you, he’ll also want to see how you mesh with everyone, especially when he’s thinking about being with you for the long-term. However, if you haven't yet met his friends or really anyone else who is significant in his life, he’s actually showing you that you’re not that significant to him. When a guy isn’t serious or truly interested in you, he’s not going to introduce you to his friends because it’s not worth his time and effort. And if this is the case, he certainly isn’t worth any more of your time and effort, either.

4. He's Unreliable

If you can’t trust him or count on him, you can count on the fact that he doesn’t actually want a relationship with you. When a man is unreliable and undependable, it’s because he hasn’t made you a real priority in his life. For instance, if he frequently breaks plans with you, is vague about his whereabouts, and isn't forthright with you, he doesn't want to be with you. After all, if he was serious about having a relationship with you, he’d try his hardest to keep his word and honor his commitments to you as much as humanly possible. But if he’s constantly letting you down, it’s time to let this guy go.

5. He's Frequently MIA

Does he disappear for days or even weeks at a time before you hear from him again? This is a classic sign of a man who isn’t truly interested in having a relationship with you. For example, when a guy goes MIA, it’s not uncommon for him to be more of a player and date other people on the side. When he suddenly goes dark, it’s typically because there are other people with whom he’d rather spend his time. And if you never really know when you’re going to hear from him again or see him again, this is a key indicator that he doesn’t want anything serious with you. 

6. He's Emotionally Unavailable

While you may have opened up to this guy and feel as though you can confide in him, it’s important to take a step back and look at his willingness to open up to you in return. Has he let you in emotionally? When a man doesn’t want a relationship, he’s going to keep conversations about his feelings and his past as superficial and light as possible. He’s not going to take the time to fully open up to you because he’s not emotionally investing in you or in a future relationship with you. Even if you’re comfortable being vulnerable around him and having personal discussions, his decision to be emotionally detached and keep you at a distance is a clear sign that you should be distancing yourself from him instead.