Should I Pluck the Top of My Eyebrows?

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Question: Should I Pluck the Top of My Eyebrows?

Answer: I remember growing up reading in my teen magazines that removing the hair on top of your brow was considered a big beauty no-no. But now if you get a professional threading, tweezing, waxing or sugaring, most of the time they will remove the fine hair on top unless you request them not to.

This doesn't mean going into the main shape, only removing strays where the hair is dense.

But it's a matter of personal preference whether it stays or goes.

When To Pluck the Top of Your Eyebrows


  • Get that defined look. If you like the look of having very crisp lines and definition, cleaning up the top makes this possible. See example here: defined eyebrow shape.

'Trouble' brows. When both brows don't start out looking similar, being able to shape them on top can make them look more even with one another.

When Not To Pluck the Top of Your Eyebrows

  • First eyebrow shaping. Start off with just getting the bottom and middle hair removed, and see if that does the trick. Doing everything with your first shaping may be just too much, even if it looks great. You can remove the hair on top next time. (Get how to: eyebrow shaping step-by step.)
  • You want low-maintenance or more natural look. It's not for those that want their brows to look extremely natural. Keep in mind it's another area that will need keeping up.
  • You're a man. Remember, taking away the top hair is going to create definition and begin to look more feminine than masculine. Most of the time men only need a good trimming and a little clean- up, not an overhaul. (Get how to for men: eyebrow grooming step-by step.)

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