Learn the Top Shortcut Keys for QuickBooks

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Did you know that you use shortcut keys in QuickBooks? You can use QuickBooks shortcut keys to perform any number of tasks faster, including editing a customer invoice, changing the date on a journal entry, among others. You will learn how to use QuickBooks Help Window shortcut keys to make easier to use the help feature in this small business accounting software program. Many people are familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel shortcut keys. If you are familiar with the shortcut keys in these Windows applications, then you already know a number of QuickBooks shortcuts because the shortcut keys are the same in these applications.

What a Shortcut Key Is

If you are not familiar with a shortcut key, the concept is simple: shortcut keys make it easier and usually quicker to navigate and use software programs.

How to Use Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys can typically be used by using CTRL or SHIFT in conjunction with a single letter. So when a shortcut described as "CTRL + F" is telling you to press control, and while continuing to hold control, press the "F" key to perform the shortcut. This shortcut key might pull up a search tool in the software program, as opposed to having to navigate to the same tool using your mouse. If searching is a task you do over and over on a daily basis, then you will save a lot of time using this shortcut over time.

QuickBooks Help Window Shortcut Keys

The QuickBooks help window can is most likely your first stop when you run into any stumbling blocks, such as in performing reconciling a bank account, printing a general ledger for your small business, or customizing an invoice in QuickBooks. The help window is the built-in help feature in QuickBooks, so if you are a regular QuickBooks user, you have probably visited this screen at least a few times. The following shortcut keys can be used to help you use the QuickBooks Help Window better:

Function: Display Help in context
Shortcut: F1

Function: Select next option or topic
Shortcut: TAB

Function: Select previous option or topic
Shortcut: SHIFT + TAB

These QuickBooks Shortcut Keys Work in All QuickBooks Versions

These shortcuts will work with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, or any other QuickBooks version with which you are working.

These Shortcuts Take Time to Learn

You will probably not be able to learn all these shortcuts within a short period of time. You should be prepared to invest your time to learn the shortcuts and apply them with speed and efficiency. As you use them in your daily routine, you will commit them to memory. Then, you will find that QuickBooks will become easier to use and sometimes you will start to save time when working in QuickBooks to perform your daily accounting tasks.