How To Do a Shoot the Duck on Ice Skates

A Figure Skater Does a Shoot the Duck
A Figure Skater Does a Shoot the Duck. Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris

A shoot the duck is a fun ice skating move where the skater bends all the way down to the ice and glides on one foot while kicking the other foot completely forward. No one really knows how this move got its name.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: The time it takes to master this move varies from skater to skater.

Here's How:

  1. Bend both knees completely and squat down as far as you can go into a dip position.Do the dip while moving as fast as you can in a straight line.
  2. Place one hand under a calf and the other hand on a knee and stick the leg that is holding the calf forward.
    1. If you fall, you are already almost on the ice, so a fall should not hurt at all and may even be fun.
  3. If you don’t fall, just bring the leg that you sticked out back down next to the one that stayed on the ice and get into a two foot dip position again.
    1. Now, stand up, glide on two feet, and continue skating.


  1. Put as much weight as you can on the foot you are skating on.
  2. Don't lean backward.
  3. To master this move, falling on purpose will help you get lower to the ice.
    1. Falling is really fun when doing shoot the ducks since skaters find it fun to slide across the ice after the move.
  4. A more difficult way to do the shoot the duck is to extend both arms in front.
  5. Many figure skaters can do good sit spins, but are not able to do good shoot the ducks.
    1. Some figure skaters are never able to do great shoot the ducks. Don't be discouraged if you can't master this move.

What You Need:

  • An ice rink
  • Skates
  • The ability to glide on one foot while on ice skates.
  • Knees that bend
  • Gloves are recommended
  • Make sure your legs are covered; don't try this move while wearing shorts.