Shoes for Boyfriend Jeans

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Get Shoes Right When You Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Street style woman in boyfriend jeans
Here's how to get shoes right when you wear boyfriend jeans. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Boyfriend jeans are a trendy and versatile denim style that you can use to create different fashion looks with your wardrobe. But it's important to know what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans to look right in your outfits -- and what not to wear -- or you can wind up sabotaging your style. Here's our handy, shoppable guide to which shoes look best with boyfriend jeans, so you can look great from head to toe when you wear this popular denim silhouette.

Learn which boyfriend jeans work best on your body type.

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Wear Oxfords With Boyfriend Jeans

Cole Hahn Lunar Grand Wing Tip Oxfords for Women
Cole Hahn Lunar Grand Wing Tip Oxfords for Women. Cole Hahn

Here's our top pick for the shoe style you can most easily wear with boyfriend jeans, to look effortlessly modern and chic. Oxford shoes for women are inspired by a classic men's footwear style. Typically made of leather (but also available in synthetic or vegan materials that mimic a leather look), oxfords are lace-up shoes with the laces on the instep (the top of the foot). They are sometimes referred to as lace-up loafers or brogues.

Because these shoes reference a formal men's shoe, they are a cheeky choice for pairing with boyfriend style jeans, which were originally inspired by a masculine fashion style. Wear oxfords when you want to add a dose of style to a casual boyfriend jeans outfit. To steal a favorite trick of fashion editors, try matching a pair of tomboyish oxfords with an outfit of distressed, relaxed boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee and a tailored black blazer.

Check out some of our favorite oxford shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans on Amazon:

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Wear Ballet Flats With Boyfriend Jeans

Jessica Simpson Women's Black Mandalaye Leather Flats
Jessica Simpson Women's Black Mandalaye Leather Flats. Jessica Simpson

Sometimes you want your outfit to be comfortable and easy, but still include a hint of feminine style. Ballet flats are a good choice when you're wearing an effortless outfit, such as slouchy boyfriend jeans with a tee-shirt and jacket. (Can't you just picture Audrey Hepburn wearing this?) For the most flattering, leg-lengthening silhouette in this no-heels outfit, roll your boyfriend jeans just above your ankles and choose light or neutral colored ballet flats.

Shop these ballet flats that will look great with boyfriend jeans: 

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Wear High Heeled Ankle Boots With Boyfriend Jeans

Nine West Electric Ankle Boot
Nine West Electric Ankle Boot. Amazon

Try pairing a heeled ankle boot with your boyfriend jeans when you're going out and want to look fashionable, but still keep your look low-key. High-heeled booties would be a great shoe choice for an easy first date outfit in dark wash, skinny boyfriend jeans and a feminine blouse. You can pile on the accessories to play up your look, if that's your fashion vibe, or keep things minimal to create a more easygoing style.

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Wear High Heel Shoes With Boyfriend Jeans

Chinese Laundry Wow Patent Dress Pumps
Chinese Laundry Wow Patent Dress Pumps.

When you want to make a more polished fashion statement in boyfriend jeans, a great pair of heels is a must. You'll never go wrong in skinny, dark wash boyfriend jeans paired with a body-skimming t-shirt, sharply fitted blazer, and nude platform high heel shoes. The lighter colored shoe dresses up this denim outfit, while elongating legs. Go ahead and roll your cuffs an inch or two above ankles, to show off your lower legs at their slimmest point.

Shop for these gorgeous nude heels that look great with boyfriend jeans on Amazon:

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Wear Animal Print Shoes With Boyfriend Jeans

Ivanka Trump Carraly Leopard Pump
Ivanka Trump Carraly Leopard Pump.

Boyfriend jeans are casual by nature -- but they're also surprisingly easy to dress up, when you style them right. We're in love with the effect of wearing leopard print heels with boyfriend jeans, to give boyfriends an instant style upgrade. Keep things looking effortless by wearing this look with a simple striped shirt, or take things to a more polished (and feminine) level with a pretty, soft white blouse and plenty of jewelry.

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Wear Wedge Ankle Boots With Boyfriend Jeans

Fly London Yama Mousse Wedge Heel Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots
Fly London Yama Mousse Wedge Heel Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots.

Ankle boots that graze the bottom of your cuffs are a perfect match for skinnier fits of boyfriend jeans. We're big fans of the way a pair of stylish wedge ankle booties deliver a dose of edge to an easy, casual outfit of washed out boyfriend denims and a t-shirt. They also look great when you're wearing something tough or masculine on top, like a vest or a leather moto jacket. Roll the bottoms of your boyfriend jeans to keep them low on the leg. To look right in this fashion combination, there should be minimal or no space between jeans cuffs and the tops of boots.

Shop for these tough wedge ankle booties on Amazon:

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Wear Sneakers With Boyfriend Jeans

Keds Women's Double Up Wool Fashion Sneaker
Keds Women's Double Up Wool Fashion Sneaker.

Sneakers are an ultra-casual shoe choice for boyfriend jeans, which already give off a relaxed vibe. If you’re the sporty type, go ahead and pair sneakers with your boyfriend jeans. Just keep in mind that with a look this boyish, it’s important to make sure your top is well-fitted, so people can tell there’s a girl inside your outfit. A body-conscious button-down shirt makes an easy weekend outfit when matched with distressed boyfriend jeans and sneaks. You could also layer on some chain necklaces for a fashionable touch, or add a fitted moto jacket or blazer that conforms to your curves and highlights your waist.

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