18 Shocking Photobombs We Never Saw Coming

Funny Moments That Came Out of Nowhere

Everyone loves a good photobomb, even animals and celebrities!  

Because some of the best photobombs and videobombs are not planned and happen on the spur of the moment, it's easy to see why there is unlimited potential to FAIL during your average photobombing.  One misplaced limb, one drunk friend, one perfectly timed action shot... that's all it takes to royally screw up your photo, with hilarious results. Check out 18 totally unexpected photobombs that are so wrong, they're actually right!

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Love Is In The Air

Via Stepashka.

"Invite Aunt Becky and her new boyfriend," they said.  "It'll be fine," they said.

Get a room, you two! Seriously.

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The "That's Not A Foot" Guy

Via Reddit.

Well, this is awkward.  One misplaced foot and suddenly it looks like this guy's junk is hanging out.

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"OMG, This Wedding Will Never End"

Via Jokeo.

We've all been to our fair share of bad weddings, but hopefully we've never been caught rolling our eyes skyward like this wedding guest. How embarrassing!  Let's hope he bought them a good gift.

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"The Marilyn Monroe"

Via Reddit.

When it's windy out, you might want to consider wearing some underwear under your dress*.  Just a thought!

*Buttcracks have been blurred to protect the innocent.

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The Tourist

Via Reddit.

Pay no attention to the crashing bicyclist in the background! We're sure he's fine, although his modeling career is probably over.

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The Dirty Old Man

Via Oddee.

On this week's episode of To Catch A Predator...

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Oh Hi, Naked Dude....

Via Imgur.

Holy cow, man, this is a NEW LOW.

Whether or not this is actually these girls' father or just some random stranger, this whole scene is just plain wrong.

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Meet Dan. Dan is Really Flexible.

Via We Know Memes.

Is that your hand, or are you just glad to see us? The best part about this pic is that he's lit better than the girls in the foreground, so he really stands out. Spotlight on the perv!

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Just Swabbing The Deck

Via Reddit.

Nothing to see here; just doing a little spring cleaning. You just never know what you're going to see on the beach!

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That's A Shadow, I Promise

Via Imgur.

Those pesky shadows can really muck up a good poolside picture!  Here we see a guy posing normally, but due to an unfortunate shadow in his crotchal region, it kind of looks like his dong is popping out to say howdy.

However, since the pic isn't exactly unflattering, something tells me he didn't take this picture offline.  In fact, he's probably using it as his dating site profile picture, and we wouldn't blame him a bit.

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The Background Barfer

Via Fail Blog.

Girls in the foreground: "Wheee, we're cute blondes and we're having so much fun!"

Girl and guy in the background: "Uggughggh, I'm never drinking again..."

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The "Insert Baby Here" Shot

Via Imgur.

These folks were just out and about, taking a picture with an historic canon in the background.  What, wait a second?  Is that...?

Yes, that's a couple trying to stuff their baby into the cannon.  As a joke?  We hope?

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The Classic "Before" Shot

Via Fail Blog.

This is one of those great action shots that is so hard to come by, maybe because posing for shots like this is bound to really tick someone off.

Something tells me that the smiling girl in the front is about to get really, really upset.

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The "Good Girls Gone Bad" Image

Via Reddit.

Here we have a couple of frisky vixens clowning around while out on the town... along with the utterly shocked guy behind them, who just cannot believe what he is seeing.  How scandalous! 

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The "Splash Down" Photobomb

Via Party Fever.

Again, liquids and movement team up to make this ultimate party photobomb.  Cue someone getting mad in 3, 2, 1....

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The "Pay No Attention To This Guy" Photobomb

Via Reddit.

Ugh, this one is uncomfortable to look at, am I right?  Here's another classic photobomb that makes us all cringe.  A loving couple who are clearly enjoying a tropical vacation, leaning over their respective horses to give each other a kiss.  Cute, right?  Unless you notice the poor guy whose job it is to lead their horses through six feet of water while trying not to, you know, drown.

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The "Boy Meet Floor" Photo

Via Fail Blog.

Ouch, he is going to feel that in the morning!

This pic is like a PSA to encourage responsible drinking, but who doesn't love a good faceplant picture now and then?  The best part about this picture is how completely oblivious the girls in the front appear to be.  Classic photobomb material.

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The Embarrassing Dad

Via Failblog.

Some dads are terrific, others can't be bothered to put on pants when you're taking a(n admittedly douchey) selfie. Guess which kind this is?

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