Never Forget These Memes of A Shirtless, Nerf-Toting Leonardo DiCaprio

All it takes is one silly picture to make a great new web meme. Just ask Leo.

Can't a famous dude frolic shirtless through a New York City park while toting a plastic water gun without having it turn into a fantastic new web meme? Turns out, the answer is no.

Poor rich, beautiful celebrities. They can't seem to do anything without having someone take an unflattering photo and making fun of it on the internet. Remember when Scarlett Johansson fell down and everybody laughed? Or when Kim Kardashian tried to "break the internet" with her butt? Or when Ariana Grande made this face when she got hit by a Victoria's Secret Angel wing? They just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to memes.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been on the receiving end of the meme treatment many, many times. There was Strutting Leo, an oft-Photoshopped image that remains sprinkled throughout the internet archives many years later. There's the whole "Sad Leo who can't seem to lock down winning an Oscar" situation. And then there's this: A shirtless Leo running with a water gun. 

In late July 2014, New York Magazine posted a delightfully dorky photo of the famous actor "aggressively enjoying summer," and naturally, the internet took the picture and ran with it. The photo was uploaded to the best meme breeding ground there is, Reddit's Photoshop Battles group, and soon the "Leonardo DiCaprio Running Shirtless With A Water Gun" meme was born. And oh, what a meme it is! Here are some of the best Photoshop creations of this hilarious meme.

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The Original Photo

Via NY Magazine.

Here's the excellent photo that started it all.  

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With Dancing Prince Charles

Redditor: ranch_style_beans.

Dancing Prince Charles has always been one of my favorite royal memes, and he fits in perfectly alongside goofy Leo.

I love it when two funny memes get smooshed together. Perfection.

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With Charles and Bubble Girl

Redditor: ranch_style_beans.

What's better than two memes merging?  How about three?

It seems that Redditor ranch_style-beans is a bit of an overachiever, because he graced the Photoshop Battle with this second meme featuring Dancing Prince Charles and Bubble Girl as well.  Nice job!

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Being Chased By A Guardian

Redditor: admancb.

Here we see Leo getting chased by Chris Pratt from the blockbuster movie Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Frankly, if Chris Pratt was chasing me, I don't think I'd run very fast, right ladies? 

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Running With Usain Bolt

Redditor: mjsime.

And winning, no less!

While the Redditor who posted this was worried that his shadows weren't quite right, the rest of us enjoyed it for what it is: Awesome.

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Star Wars Leo

Redditor: NoodleCaptain.

Naturally, someone always does a Star Wars themed meme!

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Star Wars memes and cat pictures are the fuel that make the internet engine run, IMO.

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Watching McConnaughey Accept His Oscar

Via Mashable.

Remember the #SadLeo memes that popped up when the internet felt sorry for Leo when Matthew McConaughey won an Academy Award instead of DiCaprio?  Yeaaaah, Reddit remembers that too.

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Leo In the Matrix

Via Mashable.

Forget Neo, this is Leo fighting against the machines in The Matrix. I'd totally watch that.

The only thing that would make this image better would be if they'd added Sad Keanu in there.  And maybe Sad Kanye too, while they're at it.

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Running With Pam Anderson on 'Baywatch'

Via Mashable.

All he needs is one of those iconic orange bathing suits to complete the image.

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Running Through Sunflower Fields

Via Mashable.

Mashable put together this composite of Leo running joyously through a field of sunflowers.  Aww.

While this is hilariously embarrassing, don't feel too badly for old Leo.

After all, while the rest of us are parked at our desks in our boring, stuffy offices, Leonardo DiCaprio is hanging out with super models on yachts and playing with water guns in the park. Rough life, Leo! Wanna trade?