Shaving Pubic Hair for Girls

Pink disposable razor on wet tiles
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We have some great advice on shaving pubic hair for girls. A lot of teenagers think that shaving their bikini area is the same as taking the razor to their legs or underarms. But since this is a delicate zone with thicker hair, it needs special attention to avoid painful or ugly side effects the razor can bring.

The tools and technique. My first word of advice would be not to use a cheap, disposable razor that ups your chances of getting razor burn and ingrown hairs. Since this is a very sensitive area, you’ll need a quality razor with conditioning strips and a pivoting head. 

Start out slow. If you’re new to shaving this area, start off with just cleaning up the hair outside your panty line before taking a lot or all of your hair off, or attempting to make shapes. Save that for when your skin gets used to shaving, and it’s more likely to handle it.

Avoid the bumps. There are simple steps you can take to lessen your chances of getting ingrown hair and razor bumps. Learn more: How To Avoid Ingrown Pubic Hair.<br/>
Will shaving make the hair thicker? Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not produce more hair, or make the strand thicker. Find out how this myth started in: Will Shaving Make Pubic Hair Thicker?

Trim instead of shave. You may not want to take all of the hair off, but the length bothers you. By trimming the hair down, you can make the area more groomed without risking razor burn or itching. Read: How To Trim Pubic Hair.