Shadow People Encounters - True Stories

man in woods with flashlight

 Johny Blaze / Getty Images

Are these shadowy figures ghosts? Interdimensional beings? Time travelers? Something darker and more evil? Whatever they are, they seem to be sighted with increasing frequency. Here are true stories of sightings and encounters with these entities.

Black-Cloaked Entity in the Closet

In Cranbrook, B.C., Canada, Matthew witnessed a cloaked black figure glide through my closed door.

Childhood Shadow Fears

"My bedroom door would move on its own, and so would some of my books. Also, I would hear strange footsteps and voices calling my name...."

Clumsy Shadow Person

Tabby saw a shadow thing leaping around her boyfriend's room; it even knocked over a lamp.

Faceless Predator

At first Dawnelle hears a jingling sound and thought it was a dog with a collar, but when she got a better look at it, it was no dog!

Hallway Shadow Man

Petra, a kindergarten director, was working when she saw a shadow figure walk through the hall, looking at her.

Haunted By Shadow People

Amber is doing her homework when she gets that feeling that someone is watching her, and then....

Haunted by Shadow Man

Megan heard someone walking outside her window, and when she looked out, a tall, dark, solid-looking shadow was staring straight back at her.

Haunted by the Shadow Man

In Godfrey, Illinois, Amber would see small, black, human-like figures disappear into the wall.

Intelligent Black Fog

Lizzie was trying to nap when she saw a misty black fog that she believes was intelligent -- it was looking at her.

Muscular Shadow Man Stalker

Maurice sees a muscle-bound shadow person peering in his kitchen window.

Mysterious Black Ball

"There was something watching me just on the other side of my blanket. I could even hear it breathing just inches from my face...."

Old Woman's Shadow

"There was a loud crash in the kitchen and the sound of heavy footsteps running up the back stairs...."

The Pagan Entity of Finland

"I felt a buzzing sound. As looked up, a head, covered in what resembled an old, dirty potato sack, floated from behind a tree, passed me by 3 feet in front of my eyes, stopped, and then continued behind another tree where it simply vanished...."

Scary Cloaked Entity

"Alone in the dark bathroom, what appeared to me was a black-caped arm that grabbed the corner of the door and pried it open toward me. As I saw this, I was full of fear, knowing what I would see next was not my parents, and wondering what the heck could it be...."

Shadow Bird

You've heard of shadow people and maybe even shadow cats and dogs. How about a shadow bird?

Shadow Frankenstein

When she was 7, A.M. saw a shadown person with a squarish head -- like the Frankenstein monster.

Shadow Man at Girlfriend's House

Spending the night at his girlfriend's house around Halloween, Tony is terrified.

Shadow People and Births

This reader was watching TV, then during a commercial got up and came face-to-face. so to speak, with a shadow person.

Shadows and Moans

"Christmas day, 2011, we were unwrapping our gifts when I noticed an enormous black misty form take shape in the adjoining room...."

Shadow Soldier

Juan hears noises in his kitchen, then sees a shadow figure, a silhouette of a man walking like a soldier.

Shadowman at the Banister

When Williow and her husband investigate some mysterious upstairs noises, they see shadow figures ducking around corners.

Shadowman Blackout

LP's aunt swears she saw a small shadow creature, and that it might have caused a blackout.

Stick Man in Oklahoma

"I noticed this figure out of the corner of my eye, literally standing next to my bed. It was black, extremely thin with long arms and legs...."

Surrounded by Shadow People

Samson sees the shadow figure of a long-haired woman -- and other apparitions.

Thick Shadow Demon

Feeling depressed, this girls becomes so obsessed with the occult that she and my environment begins to change.

Visions and Voices

A blue shadow person in the shape of a little kid is seen.