5 Sexy Spots for a Girl's Tattoo

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Ink yourself twice as nice and pick one of these 5 sexy spots for a girl's tattoo. Falling somewhere between seen and unseen, these places leave a little to the imagination. You can scream or whisper come hither with a peek-a-boo tattoo and flaunt your feminine wiles with ink. Think tattoos can't be inconspicuous? Go ahead and take a peek.'

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Sexy Tatted Woman
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The collarbone is a beautiful area on every body type. No matter your frame be it large or small you can flatter your assets and enhance your face with a collarbone tattoo. For the most versatility opt for a tiny design that speaks to you. A cross, crescent moon, horseshoe or zodiac symbol can be hidden by a large chunky necklace, scarf or turtleneck whenever you want to disguise your ink. Bear in mind this area can be a little delicate depending on what you choose to ink so make sure you work with your artist to design a piece that is suitable.

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Lower Stomach

Stomach tattoo
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To enhance your curves and female form consider placing a taboo tattoo right above your unmentionables. Lower stomach tattoos are a suitable option if you're comfortable with your body and also realistic about how the design may look later if you experience weight fluctuations. With that said, stomach tattoos are still an undeniably sexy choice that should be considered if you want an easy to hide design. Sweet cherries, Playboy bunnies, and felines are provocative tattoo ideas that can come out to play whenever you'd like; with whomever you'd like.

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The inner thigh is a highly erogenous area and ​seductive spot to ink hide and seek tattoos. So long as you can swear off shorts and short skirts this tattoo can play peek-a-boo for a lifetime for those leery of inked commitments. Many women turn small thigh tattoos into large body canvases while others keep it simple and easy to cover up. There are plenty of design options that work beautifully on the legs. Consider dragons, snakes, Phoenix, peacock or feather designs for a fanciful touch or go old school and pay tribute to your own curves with a pinup girl.

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Mid Back

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Forget the tramp stamp and flaunt your strong and defined back with a script tattoo right below your bra line to highlight your feminine curves. For a little edginess opt for black ink over colorful designs. Many script designs include popular Bible verses, poems or romantic sentiments. If you're into body modification and want to add a touch of erotica to your personal style, a corset piercing could help to complete your look. For boudoir inspired tattoos, think of something provocative or school-girl like bows, hearts, daggers, French fonts, lockets, chain or skeleton keys.

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tatted shoulder
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The shoulders can be a very graceful area of the female body making them an ideal place for an inconspicuous tattoo design. You can play with the idea of wings, stars and cascading cherry blossom branches if you want a simplistic tattoo style, or opt for Japanese inspired Koi or mythical creatures for a fantastical scene. Unless you regularly bare your shoulders in revealing tanks or tees, a shoulder blade tattoo can stay mum whenever you'd like (which may not be often).