Sexy Lesbian Halloween Costumes for Couples

Lesbian Couple Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great holiday because it celebrates the freaky part inside all of us. For lesbian couples, getting dressed together for a Halloween party can be a fun way to explore a fantasy or just play around with different costumes and personalities. Here are some ideas for sexy Halloween costumes for lesbian couples.

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Devil and Succubus

Devil and Succubus Costume
Devil and Succubus Costume. © Pricegrabber

It can't get more evil or more sexy than dressing up as the devil and his seducer. You can each be as evil and as sexy as you dare and as the audience at your party allows.

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Fetish Wear

Fetish Costume
Lesbian Fetish Costume. © Thinkstock/Getty Images

Halloween can be a time to push the limits and experiment with different parts of your psyche. If you have a fantasy of some kind of BDSM experience, Halloween can be a great time to take baby steps into that experience by trying on some fetish wear.

Or, if you are into an alternative sexual lifestyle, Halloween can be a fun time to take what is usually a private practice out into the open. Kinky can be fun on Halloween.

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Xena and Gabrielle

Gabrielle and Xena
Gabrielle and Xena Warrior Princess Halloween Costume. Anime Nut

If you've never seen the TV show Xena Warrior Princess, then you are missing one of the greatest shows with lesbian tension from the 1990s. Xena and her trusty sidekick Gabrielle thrilled and teased lesbian (and straight) audiences for years as they gallivanted through ancient Greece fighting for the greater good. You and your partner can fight for the top prize in the best costume contest with skillfully put together Xena and Gabrielle costumes.

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Lady Gaga with ????

Lady Gaga
Be Lady Gaga for Halloween. © Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is so in and it right now, everyone wants to be seen with her. Who will her date for Halloween be? Beyonce? Rhiana? That hot butch she kisses in jail from the Telephone video? Have a ball with this one. The only issue will be, which one of you gets to be the latest queen of pop.

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Oprah and Gayle

Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey
Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey. © Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Everyone says they're a couple, so dressing up as Oprah and Gayle can be a fun Halloween costume for lesbians. Watch some youtube videos of them together and copy how they dress and interact with each other. You're sure to turn a few heads at your Halloween party with this costume.
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Cheerleader with Football Player

Cheerleader Costume
Cheerleader Costume. Pricegrabber
Perhaps this was your fantasy in high school. Perhaps it's your fantasy now. Especially now that women's professional football leagues are sprouting up around the country, you and your girl can be the hottest members of the lesbian clique. Even if you don't win the costume contest, you're sure to be voted most popular couple.
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Sappho and Her Muse

Sappho and Her Muse Halloween Costume
Sappho and Her Muse Halloween Costume. © Kathy Belge

The Greek poet Sappho was the the original lesbian. She wrote her love poetry to the beautiful young women of her village of Lesbos.

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Hot Gym Teacher and Nerdy Librarian

Hot Gym Teacher and Nerdy Librarian
Think Sue Sylvester as the hot gym teacher with her nerdy librarian date. © Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Think Sue Sylvester and Emma Pillsbury from Glee. You can have fun with this one. Is there anything sexier than the nerdy librarian with thick glasses, a plaid skirt and low cut white top. Get your gym teacher uniform in order with a gym suit, whistle around the neck, stop watch and clip board.

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Muff Diver and Muff

Muff Diver
Muff Diver. © Kathy Belge

A muff is a furry hand warmer. Pair up with an expert muff diver and you've got a fun Halloween costume that is sure to get a few laughs at your Halloween party.

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Cop and Robber

Lesbian Cops and Robbers
Lesbian Cops and Robbers. © Maggie Parker
Some people have a uniform fetish. Others have a fantasy about being arrested and taken down to the jail and booked by the nasty lady cop. Put the two together and you've got one great couple's lesbian Halloween costume.