Sexy Halloween

Finding the Erotic in the Frightening (and Vice Versa)

a carved pumpkin on a blue background
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The connection between fear and arousal is undeniable (and apparently the connection between disgust and sex is pretty hot as well). Physically and psychologically both responses grab our attention, get our hearts pumping and create a heightened awareness of our surroundings. If you've watched any horror films in your life you know that sex is always lurking in the subtext (and sometimes it's right there on the surface).


All of this is to say that Halloween, in addition to being a whole lot of goofy fun, is a hotbed of sexy potential. I can think of dozens of reasons I find Halloween sexy but here are my top six:

  • Dressing up is sexy.
  • Eating candy is sexy.
  • Wearing makeup is sexy (with the proper lighting).
  • Pretending you’re someone else is sexy.
  • Being scared is sexy (being terrified is sexier!)
  • Even that cheap satin used in so many sexy Halloween costumes is sexy.

The freedom to be someone or something else and turn everything upside down for just one night can allow some people the chance to explore parts of their sexuality they might otherwise not let out into the open. In this way, Halloween can be a sexual motivator and instigator.

If you’re looking to mine some of Halloween’s sexy potential, here are a few ideas to get you started in your October 31st planning:

Dress Up

It may be the most obvious part of Halloween, but it can also be the most fun part of exploring.

Everyone can learn something from dressing up as a gender other than the one they play during the day. And why go through life without ever once wielding Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth or King Arthur’s Sword? There are plenty of places to find sexy Halloween costumes, but your imagination will always win out over store-bought goodies.

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Get into Character

The Halloween costume may be the excuse, but you’ve got to dig deep to turn a cautious flirtation with edginess into a full-fledged sexual freak-out. Don’t let the fantasy end with the costume. Let your mind wander with your chosen role, create an intricate, preferably twisted, sexual background (for bonus points, write a new sexual history for yourself on the 31st).

Whether out at a party or back home with your costumed lover (or your costumed self), act out your sexual fantasy. Not knowing where it takes you is part of the scary thrill.

Play with Your Food

Food is sexy, to be sure, and Halloween is all about food you get to eat with your hands. Whether you want to scare up a peeled grape/oozing eyeball massage, or a chocolate syrup/fake blood bath or you simply want to get hopped up on sugar and hop in to bed, the childlike abandon of Halloween can be an excuse to bring some messy play back in to your sex life. Always remember to play safe and wash your fruits and vegetables first!

Make Your Own Toys

Some people spend weeks and months preparing their costume for Halloween.

Others, like the folks at, prepare for a sexy Halloween by creating Halloween-themed sex toys. Not for everyone, to be sure, but I promise you’ll never look at a pumpkin the same again.

Cuddle Up and Get Scared

The relationship between sex and horror has been the subject of countless articles, books and television programs. Getting scared can get us hot, and as one television documentary producer put it, when you come right down to it, what terrifies us more than our sexuality? Rent a scary movie, tell each other scary stories and then give your lover comfort all night long.

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