6 of the Sexiest Cartoon Characters

Sexy cartoon characters aren't a new concept. Curvy cutie Betty Boop was bopping her hips in the '30s while other bombshells showed up in animated shorts, like Red in 1945's Droopy cartoon, titled Wild and Woofy.

Anime is one of the most popular forms of cartoons that feature both attractive females and males. Frankly, in the world of anime, you can't shake a sword in an animated adventure without hitting several gals with cleavage to spare or guys with popping pecs.

One may bypass a specific preference or fetish, like that of anthropomorphism, for a liking toward a certain type of cartoon character. Several of the cartoon characters on the popular prime time cartoon series have attractive features and personalities that many admire.

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Lana Kane, Archer

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Lana Kane of the show Archer is the only ISIS agent who is able to keep a cool head during an attack. She has the attitude and skills that allow her to strategize and fight, regardless of her attire at the time. Lana handles weapons as easily as she ensnares international criminals.

She is rarely seen in any outfit that doesn't maximize her curves and shows a touch of cleavage. In the episode Skorpio, she takes out the yacht's crew and Skorpio himself, wearing her Fiocci lingerie.

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Six, Tripping the Rift

Tripping the Rift

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Six, of the show Tripping the Rift, tops the list of sexiest cartoon characters due to her character's mission: to have sex. She may serve as the Science Officer on the spaceship Jupiter 42, but ultimately she is a sexbot who is programmed with 2,000 kinds of orgasms in over 600 languages.

Her character is cunning and frequently comes up with clever plans to get the crew out of trouble, even when her plans involve seducing the enemy. She also knows how to keep Captain Chode happy so that he rarely overlooks her indiscretions.

In one of her sexiest episodes, Android Love, a softer side of Six is revealed when she and fellow slave, Ten, talk about their origins and what it means to be a sexbot.

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Tenzin, The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

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Tenzin is the son of Aang, in the show The Legend of Korra, who was the avatar and very last Airbender in, Avatar: The Last Airbender. An Airbender himself, Tenzin has been tasked with teaching the new avatar, Korra, how to master air bending.

What makes Tenzin so sexy includes his muscular body and strength, as well as his inner strength, which gives him a peaceful calm even in the face of enemies. His deep voice, provided by J.K. Simmons (​Juno), also helps with his characteristics.

In one of the hottest episodes, ​And the Winner Is..., Tenzin gets flustered after Korra realizes he had a fling with Lin Beifong before marrying Pema.

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Sterling Archer, Archer


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Sterling Archer is a leading field agent at ISIS, the international spy agency his mother owns. As a spy, he stays in shape. However, Archer is not the sharpest knife in the armory drawer, frequently bungling the agency's strategies.

Although Archer can be seen shirtless, and sometimes pantless, he has a penchant for black turtlenecks, which manage to show off his well-defined body through the fabric. When Archer beds other women, they usually wind up being an enemy spy, adding to the drama and passion.

In one of the sexiest episodes, The Limited, Archer fulfills his lifelong dream to fight someone on top of a moving train. He discovers his love of ocelots as he relaxes in his private car.

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Black Dynamite, Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

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One look at his handsome face, smooth afro, and well-sculpted body is all the ladies need to know when it comes to attraction and Black Dynamite, a character from the self-titled show.

Black Dynamite is the enforcer on the streets, occasionally taking mercenary work, but always working on his kung fu. He lays down the law with his molasses-thick deep voice and rock-solid roundhouse kicks.

In the episode Jackson Five Across Yo' Eyes or Just Beat It, Dynamite wakes shirtless from a bad dream to find four women in his bed.

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Molotov Cocktease, The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros.

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A frequent choice for female cosplayers at conventions, the Molotov Cocktease character from The Venture Bros. brings all the attention.

Molotov is a mercenary from Russia who has a tempestuous relationship with Brock Samson, the man who is the reason she wears a heart-shaped eye patch. Her unique character kills mercilessly and wears a titanium chastity belt.

In the episode Assassinanny 911, Molotov is tasked with taking care of the Venture brothers while Brock is away. We see her reminisce about meeting Brock for the first time, even while poor Hank is falling for her hard.