Top 5 Sexiest Attack on Titan Characters

There's always talk about the quality animation in Attack on Titan. While it's fluid, clean and well drawn, one of the more popular aspects is the character designs which has resulted in the creation of several handsome hunks and hot girls that make up the ever-changing cast of characters.

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These Attack on Titan Anime Characters Are Hot!

Sexy Attack on Titan Characters
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The artwork in an anime can make or break a series, so it never hurts to create likeable characters who are easy on the eyes. They may be fictional, but that doesn’t stop fans from crushing on them any less. Here are five of the most sexy Attack on Titan characters. Do you agree or disagree?

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Sasha Blouse

Sasha Blouse in the Attack on Titan Anime

Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/''ATTACK ON TITAN''Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

An ultimate food lover and a bit on the kooky side, Sasha Blouse (aka "Potato Girl") is wacky and downright adorable.

The most loveable part of this gal is her personality. Never stopping to hit the pause button, she gets distracted quite easily. Even combat training turns into her practicing ninja poses with her partner in crime, Connie Springer.

Sasha has an eccentric charisma that makes it impossible not to smile. Add in her massive food intake, and you have one delightful girl in Attack on Titan.

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Marco Bott

Marco Bott in the Anime Series, Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/''ATTACK ON TITAN''Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

The sweetest of the sweet, Marco Bott is as cute as a basket of puppies. His freckled face and parted hair gives him a boyish charm that reflects his innocence.

Despite that he has the look of someone who is far too gentle to fight, he’s more than capable as a soldier and was even assigned to command his own squad on one of his first outings. Regardless of the ongoing war against the Titans, he never loses his cheerfulness and is attentive to those around him.

No matter what Marco does there’s a sincerity to it, and not just because he has a smile that can make anyone’s heart melt. His boyish good looks and optimism makes him a true darling at heart with a tender nature that is great to watch in the Attack on Titan anime.

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Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman in the Attack on Titan Anime Series

Hajime Isayama Kodansha/''ATTACK ON TITAN''Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Mikasa's short black hair frames her face, showing off her slender nose and glossy lips. The contrast of her pale skin gives her an angelic appearance that makes her look simply stunning. The most alluring part of this young lady isn’t her looks though. Mikasa is capable of cutting through Titan flesh in the blink of an eye, which she refers to as her “specialty.” (You’ve got to love a woman who knows how to handle herself in combat).

This combination of sexy and skilled not only makes her one of the most attractive Attack on Titan characters but also one of the best!

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Jean Kirstein

Jean Kirstein From the Anime Series, Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/''ATTACK ON TITAN''Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Commonly recognized among Attack on Titan fans for his long facial features (receiving the oddly adoring nickname of “horse-face”), it’s Jean Kirstein’s unique appearance that makes him one handsome fella.

His ashy brown hair and trimmed sides gives him a distinguished look, not to mention his intense eyes that never hide what he’s feeling. It accents his straightforward attitude, because he certainly isn’t one to bite his tongue.

Sure, he has his shortcomings, but there’s a lot to love about Jean in the Attack Titan anime. Be it his tell-all facial expressions or upfront personality, he’s got that special something.

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Krista Lenz

Krista Lenz in the Popular Anime Series, Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/''ATTACK ON TITAN''Production Committee. All Rights Reserved

Krista Lenz is a traditional beauty, with a petite figure and long blonde hair that shines like the sun. Known for her kindness, Krista’s level of compassion toward other Attack on Titan characters has earned her the gratitude of many soldiers.

When a small group from the Scout Regiment becomes stranded during a mission, she rides in with three horses like a knight in shining armor, only much prettier. The scene looks like something from an ancient Greek painting; it’s no wonder why she’s always referred to as a goddess.

Everything about Krista is idealistic, from her gorgeous looks to her gentle demeanor.