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The Hottest Luxury Sex Toys for Gift and Holiday Giving

Spice up your gift giving, for the holidays or any day, with these high end sex toy gift ideas. Sex toy shopping for others may seem a tricky maneuver, but remember that the thought does count, and you never know what will come of planting erotic seeds via a well timed, and well chosen sex toy.  If you're looking for more budget friendly suggestions, check out our sexy stocking stuffer suggestions.

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Bubble Love with box
Bubble Love

The best sex toys are multi-purpose, and Bubble Love is a great example.  It's a portable bubble massage jet for any bathtub!  Fully submersible, Bubble Love can be used in water depths from 6” to 28” inches (required deepwater float included.) It comes with a suction cup so once you find your perfect spot, the massager stays in place, and an option dildo attachment (not included, costs extra).  Maybe because it's so unique, the makers of Bubble Love produced this adorable video to explain just how it works.   I know it looks like a hand mixer, but believe me it's much much more! $179 More »

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Revel Body Sol Sonic Massager

Two hands holding the Sol Sonic Vibrator
Revel Body

Utilizing the same technology as many electric toothbrushes (which may be considered DIY sex toys by some, but not something I can recommend for several safety reasons) the Revel Body offers an innovative and unique kind of stimulation, powered by magnets.  The small orb produces a rapid vibration through the red plastic tip that actually moves up and down inside the sphere.  I love that Sol is fully waterproof and practically silent.  But the technology comes with caveats:  due to the strong magnets the Revel Body should NOT be used or handled by persons wearing implanted or wearable magnetic and electronic medical devices like pacemakers and stents. $179

The vibrator looks a little like a computer mouse with wings.
Hot Octopuss
Pulse is designed primarily as a penile vibrator, although it can be used during partner sex as well. What makes Pulse unique is it's oscillating vibration mechanism. Finding a quality toy for a penis is harder than it sounds, and if you have someone with one of those on your Christmas list, then think about getting one of these. $99 More »
njoy pure wand
nJoy Toys
Dildos can be a tricky gift, size and shape being so much of what goes into the right dildo for the right person. But if you know they're serious about penetration, it's unlikely the receiver of a Pure Wand will be disappointed. Beautifully crafted in medical-grade stainless steel, the Pure Wand is great for both g spot and prostate stimulation and has a feel and weight (24 ounces to be precise) to it that makes it almost as much fun to have in your hands as to have in other body parts. Each nJoy product is presented in a lovely satin lined storage box, but these are objects that could just as easily be displayed on a mantle. $108 More »
photo of three models of non-phallic silicone vibrators

These adorable vibrators are unmistakably the creation of Tenga, the company that brings a sense of whimsy to many of it's best products. Silicone and rechargeable, they are surprisingly strong given their soft and squishy texture. Think of those old stress squeezey toys, or how I imagine the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man would feel, but smaller, and more erotic (unless you find marshmallows erotic, which come to think of it, you probably do). The discreet and versatile design makes this a good choice as someone's first or twenty first vibrator. $99 More »

I haven’t had the chance to check out the newest addition to Jimmyjane’s line of luxury vibrators in person yet, but I’ve got a good feeling about Form 2. It’s their take on the kind of stimulation produced by the fluttering ears on a rabbit vibrator, but this being Jimmyjane the toy is much more than a knock off. Two powerful motors, one in each ear, produce what they call “sensation in stereo”. Form 2 is waterproof, rechargeable (without cords), and comes with a three-year warranty. Since I don’t already own one, it’s on my wish list. $135 More »
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A purple vibrator that is like two balls stuck together, one slightly larger than the other.

Definitely not for beginners, LELO's Hula beads would be a great splurge gift for the Kegel lover in your life. Designed to function like other kegel exercisers, the Hula beads vibrate, controlled by a wireless remote that includes LELO's motion sensitive technology. And if you think the sex toy as exercise sounds too much like "healthy" dessert, Hula is also an excellent remote control insertable toy. $133 More »

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A hard plastic wand style vibrator that is curved and has bumps, like beads, along the shaft.

One of the most popular hard plastic vibrators, the Orchid, is given an upgrade in this affordable and highly functional g-spot vibrator. Hard plastic, waterproof, and multi-speed, the Lilac G doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what it does, and it does it well. $34 More »

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A small wheel with 10 tongues attached to a handle/battery pack that powers the wheel to spin.

A travel size version of the very popular Sqweel. If you missed it the first time, Sqweel grew out of a sex toy design contest and introduced a new kind of stimulation for vibrators. Think of a waterwheel but with 10 tongue shaped appendages attached. Now smaller, USB rechargeable, and with 3 patterns of stimulation, the Sqweel Go offers the same fabulous stimulation and would especially appeal to sex toy nerds and those who prefer their toy design on the quirky side. $60 More »

A vibrator that looks like a lemon that has been flattened slightly.
Minna Life

The folks behind the touch responsive Minna Ola turned to crowdfunding to launch their newest product, the Limon Touch. The crowd spoke, and now the product is available to all. Limon is smaller and cuter than Ola, but has the same unique functionality - squeeze Limon and it rumbles to life, squeeze it harder and it speeds up, let go and it slows down. It also has an easy to use memory function, so you can personalize your experience and play it back later, after the holidays have drained you of all your creative energy. $119 More »

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Wand style rechargeable vibrator, base is silver handle with two push buttons, shaft is bright pink.
Fun Factory
Never one to sit on their laurels (maybe because when mixed with mistletoe, laurels are painful to sit on) German silicone maker Fun Factory keeps improving on their already brilliant products. The compact powerhouse that is Flora is a prime example. Now fully immersible, this rechargeable silicone toy is good for external and internal use, has a handy travel lock, and its handle makes it great to use on your own or on a partner, making this a gift that gives back. $89
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A butt plug that starts small but gets wider and resembles a spade.

Sometimes the name says it all. Unlike Meteroite, this one is not for beginners. It's 1 1/2" diameter at its widest point would put this toy in the category of intermediate or advanced (if one ranked comfort and interest in anal play on a three point scale). But for the anal toy aficionado, Quiver is all that and more. The longer neck makes this a toy that will be easier and more comfortable for extended wear, and the removable vibrator transmits sensation well through the 100% silicone body of the toy. $39 More »

A wand style vibrator, about 12

2013 saw the first update to this classic vibrator and massager in more than 30 years. Thanks to the commitment and perseverance of a company called Vibratex, the Magic Wand is not only guaranteed to be around for another three decades, but it got some welcome updates. A new circuit system, toggle switch, and self-lubricating bearings might not be why you want to plant one of these in the lap of a lover this holiday season, but consider them added bonuses. There's a reason the Magic Wand has been around as long as it has, it's durable, multipurpose, and will knock your holiday stockings off. $55 More »

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image of Aneros EVI a non vibrating sex toy designed for vaginal use.

The manufacturer calls it a kegel exerciser, retailers and customers say it's great for g-spot stimulation and the design means it provides both AND external clitoral stimulation, making the Aneros EVI a good choice and a versatile gift for any number of people on your shopping list. Made of hard plastic with a soft silicone exterior. $69 More »

image of a dildo in the shape of a popsicle
Good Vibrations
You don't have to go all the way with the fantasy, but if you like temperature play, you can put this 100% silicone dildo in the freezer a few hours before using it. Otherwise it's just an adorable, food inspired toy that could be considered discreet, if not for it's size. It's 9" long from the tip to the base of the stick and 1 3/4" in diameter. Which would make that one giant Popsicle. $42 More »
photo of the Smart Wand by LELO
LELO's homage to the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Smart Wand has an ergonomic handle, multiple speeds, and a unique touch control option (it vibrates more when you get closer to it). It's not quite as powerful as the Magic Wand but it does function as both a full body and sexual massager. Being rechargeable and waterproof also mean you can take this massager (almost) anywhere. $129 for the medium, $169 for the large. More »
Image of the Fleshlight VStroker attachment
Come As You Are

Here's the must have gift for the sex tech lover on your holiday list (well, if that sex tech lover has a penis). The VStroker is an attachment that you purchase separately and use with your Fleshlight. Once attached, use your Fleshlight with the supplied POV porn DVD, and what you see on screen matches what you do inside the Fleshlight. Stroke faster and you see a video with faster penetration, slow it down, or pull out and finish, and you'll see that too, timed to your own actions. The product comes with one movie with 6-8 scenes and addition films can be purchased through the Fleshlight website. $75 More »

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duet vibrator with carrying case

My personal top choice for a high end, sexy, and very functional sex toy gift. The Duet is amazingly powerful, very quiet, and the design is both functional and beautiful. Best of all, the Duet is a perfect sex toy to travel with. It charges when plugged into any USB port, it comes with a cute little carrying case and it just feels good in your hand. $149 More »

image of the colossus dildo a large hollow penile prosthesis
Vixen Creations

They aren't kidding with this name. Vixen Creations, one of the oldest and best manufacturers of silicone dildos has up-sized their groundbreaking strap-on for guys, the Ride On. This is simply put the best strap on available for someone who already has a penis but might not want to use that penis, might want a larger penis, or might not have the kind of control over said penis that they and/or their partner would like. With the Colossus they've managed to increase the size and weight of the dildo without sacrificing the kind of control the wearer gets to have. It's a pricey gift for the size queen on your holiday gift list, but come on, they're worth it! $130 More »

briefs that have a hole and function as a dildo harness

And for a different kind of harness, check out this adorable pair of briefs from RodeoH. No need to fuss with straps and buckles, just pull on these briefs, slip in your favorite small to medium dildo, and you're off to the races. Visit the RodeoH website for their full range of undergarment style harnesses. $45 More »

a small high end stainless steel sensation toy with a pinwheel and claw
A luxe gift that says "I want you" and "I want you to hurt me" all at once, this beautiful sensation toy from Incoqnito features a a stainless steel handle with two retractable toys; a pinwheel and claw. Available in silver and rose gold, the handle fits easily in the palm of your hand and provides support for as much or as little pressure as wants to be applied. A wrist strap is included to avoid the inevitable dropping of the toy during a moment of pleasant distraction. $89 More »
red and white striped dildo harness
Good Vibrations

Slip-on harnesses, like this adorable all fabric red and white striped number, tend to offer you less control and aren't as versatile as harnesses with removable rings. But with the right moves and right dildo they still offer function and fun. Like all sex, strap-on sex involves an element of performance, and its amazing how the right costume can just make you inhabit a character! More »

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Image of the Ola Silicone Vibrator

My number one choice for innovation in 2011,the Ola is the first product from sex toy start-up Minna, and offers a unique squeezable user interface that's well designed and fun to use. Rechargeable, silicone, waterproof, and very powerful, I wouldn't pick this as a first time vibrator but if you've got the money (its around $140) and know what you like, its the next step for sure. More »

a black necktie that transforms to a leash

Adorable, sexy, and dangerous all in one. This is a black necktie that can be used as an adjustable leash for power play. The "knot" comes in gold or silver, and with a simple flip of the back folds it turns from an elegant black tie to a tool of sensual control. No one needs to know how quickly you'll turn, and having a secret you can silently share during dinner or at a holiday party can help keep you grounded and connected during stressful times. More »

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Tiani vibrator

Several years ago a Canadian company designed a brand new kind of sex toy, one that could be worn during vaginal intercourse to increase stimulation with vibration that can be felt by both partners. Now the folks at LELO have turned this concept on its side, or at least they're letting us do it. Tiani is similarly designed to be inserted vaginally and can be used during intercourse, but it offers a few amazing innovations. First, it comes with a remote control, so you don't have to move the vibrator to cycle through one of the six vibration patterns. Second, the vibrator itself responds to movement, tilt it slightly or shake it up, and the vibrations change in response to the motion. Definitely a luxury, but one worth trying for those who can afford it. More »

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Duke prostate vibrator
Fun Factory

For the prostate stimulation lover on your holiday gift list, the Duke is a welcome addition to anal vibrators. It's silicone, rechargeable, and has eight different vibration patterns. Plus the vibrator is removable so the silicone toy can be boiled in water or otherwise immersed for easy cleaning. The design makes it an easy toy to use on your own or on a partner, and when its fully inserted the base provides external perineum stimulation as well. What more could a fella ask for Christmas? More »

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Sugar pop Japanese vibrator

A pick from the sex toy lovers at Early to Bed this Japanese vibrator offers a whole lot more than a rotating rabbit. It's a dual action vibration that rotates and provides clitoral stimulation but each row of beads in the shaft move independently, and the "butterfly-ish" clitoral stimulator has four speeds and five patterns of vibration. In their words "the high on the vibe is one of the most powerful Highs we have felt" which I'm pretty sure isn't a drug reference, unless pleasure by vibration is a drug. In which case Ill have what they're having. More »

freestyle W vibrator

A different kind of remote, but also from OhMiBod, the Freestyle W is compatible with OhMiBod's App, which can allow you to control the vibrator over great distances, making it a kind of teledildonic hybrid. Two motors, one in the shaft and one in the stem, provide vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and can be controlled like any other dual action vibrator. But you can also use the vibrator in music mode, where it will respond to the beat and vibe of the music (or any ambient sound). A perfect gift for the sex tech or music nerd in your life. More »

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image of the Tenga flip sex toy
Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite gift for penis-having people. I know every toy is described this way, but the Tenga Flip is a completely unique sensory experience. And because of its unique inner chamber design, you can dramatically change the way it feels every time you use it. Its easy to clean, durable, and kind of futuristic looking. Ive already given two as gifts, and that wasn't even during the holidays. Read my full review below for all the details. More »
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Image of the Cobra Libre
Fun Factory
Not an inexpensive gift, but my number one recommendation for 2010, the Cobra Libre is a revolution in penis-focused sex toys. Powerful vibration, seductive design elements, and a shape that will literally have them touching themselves in new and erotic ways, the Cobra Libre offers buzz and suction and fun. $140 More »
ohmibod better than chocolate vibrator
Better Than Chocolate was one of last years sex toy gift picks and this year they have a well deserved place at the top of the list for their collaboration with the music-powered sex toy folks at OhMiBod. This special edition vibrator will buzz to music from an iPod, iPhone, or any mp3 player, wirelessly, from up to 25 feet away (although it's not the greatest around corners). It's also Skype compatible, plug it into your computer and talk with a partner and the toy will vibrate to the sound of your lovers voice. It's also a fully functional high quality vibrator on it's own. A great gift for music lovers and anyone in a long distance relationship. $100 More »
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Two Dildo by Wet for Her
Wet for Her
A great gift idea for a partner who enjoys penetration but is turned off by the phallocentric design of most dildos. Developed, according to the company site, by two lesbian-identified French women, the Two Dildo approaches digital stimulation with a twist. A wearable dildo that fits over the fore and middle finger and extends both the length and girth of your fingers, Two is made of 100% silicone, and brings a welcome sense of fun and intrigue to sex play. $40 More »
Toyfriend Bubbly Vibrator
Tickler, Inc.
Bubbly is one of a new and adorable line of silicone "personality" vibrators, each with their own unique shape, color, and back story. Bubbly, according to the product literature, is a vibrator with balls, both literal and metaphoric, and once you take her for a spin, you'll be likely to agree. The Toyfriends are a great gift idea if you're looking for a mid- quality sex toy that's seriously functional but still frivolous and nonthreatening in presentation. Bright colors, easy to use single push button switches, multiple speeds, fully waterproof, and each Toyfriend comes with a simple stand for storage. $54 More »
mystic wand rechargeable vibrator

There wasn't much that could have been done to improve the original Mystic Wand vibrator, but the good people at Vibratex did it by offering the exact same product, but with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for batteries. The Rechargeable Mystic Wand has the same powerful six-setting motor, easy to use push button switch, and easy to clean silicone body. It's great for external stimulation and attachments are available to use it for penetration. It's discreet shape and design make it a good choice for anyone without a lot of privacy. $90 More »

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LELO Tor vibrating ring
An update from their first vibrating penis ring called Bo, the Tor delivers a greater buzz and more functionality, while maintaining LELO's Swedish design aesthetic. The top of the rechargeable Tor is hard plastic and the ring is soft rubber, when worn on a penis it can be positioned up to provide stimulation for a partner during intercourse, or down for your own stimulation. It also fits easily around the base of a dildo for added stimulation. The motor has six vibration settings and the powerful vibrations can run for two hours on a single charge. Simply the top of the line in vibrating rings. $109 More »
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A perfect gift for the luxury lover of g-spot stimulation, G-Ki is a high end, attractive, and smartly designed vibrator built specifically but not exclusively for g spot stimulation. The G-Ki has two internal adjustable hinges which allows the user to significantly alter the curve of the toy. This does make it ideal for stimulating the g spot, but also allows for simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation. The G-Ki is also fully waterproof, rechargeable, and made of 100% silicone exterior. $99 More »
Hitachi Magic Wand
If you know you want to get a sex toy, and you just aren't sure where to start, you'll find no better place than the Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the best selling vibrators on the planet. It's not new, but it remains a favorite of sex toy connoisseurs and sex shop owners for a reason. Durable, great for solo or partner play, useful for full body massage as well as sexual use, the Magic Wand is a gift that gives back for years to come. And you won't find a better deal in terms of bang for you buck. $54 More »
lelo sensua suede whip
Delicate but tough, this suede flogger is compact and stylish, and perfect for anyone eager to explore the world of sensations that accompany the willing exchange of power, pleasure, and pain. The polished metal and acrylic handle offer a good weight, allowing you to use the Sensua for both mild and relatively intense impact. Given as a gift, Sensua may say as much about what you'd like done to you, as what you'd like to do. Comes in a sleek gift/storage box. $44 More »
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You know a company has developed a brand when you start to look forward to their take on classic sex toys. And that’s how I felt when I heard that Lelo was turning their considerable design and construction attention to the rabbit vibrator. Providing simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration INA is made of silicone, is rechargeable, and holds a four-hour charge after just two hours of charging. INA also features a much better user interface for it’s multi-speed eight modes of vibration than the sometimes-confusing original dial design. Finally the folks at Lelo deserve special mention for their command of color. I would never have thought orange and green vibrators could be so appealing. $179 More »

If you’re going to buy one toy for a guy this holiday season make it the Fleshlight Vibro. The Fleshlight is a male sex toy without equal, and the only thing I could ever say it lacked was vibration. To the companies credit they don’t introduce new products until they have something they can stand behind, and after many years they’ve just released the Fleshlight Vibro. The toy comes with three removable motors that slide into the underside of the opening. Easy to clean, easy to replace, and you can adjust the vibration by using one, two, or all three motors. They’ve also created a new internal ribbed texture for the vibrating model. A family owned company and a toy that will last for years and years make this a wise investment. $98 More »
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Almost any toy from Vibratex, the nicest Japanese vibrator company on the planet, is a good bet for holiday giving, but if I had to pick one this year it would be the new Mystic Wand. Inspired, I suspect, by the Hitachi Magic Wand, this little guy is a portable powerhouse, and relatively quiet given it’s speed. It has a flexible silicone head (they promise attachments sometime soon) and six modes of vibration. It both looks like and functions as a full body massager, so if you need an excuse you can always say it’s for your back. $68. More »
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Vixen Creations

This may seem like a strange recommendation for a holiday sex toy, but even if erectile dysfunction isn’t part of your sex life, I think playing with the Ride On forces you to get sexually creative in ways that are well worth the fumbling effort it takes to figure it out. Also, erectile dysfunction IS a part of most men’s sex lives at some point, and there’s no reason to let the fiction of a perfect holiday season get in the way of having great sex. Ride On is a high quality silicone dildo and penile prosthesis that fits over a penis and is meant to be used for intercourse without an erection. It feels and looks great, and requires both partners to tune into each other and into their own sensations to find new pathways to pleasure. $69 More »

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Lovemoiselle Ceramic Vibrators

I fell in love with these toys the first time I spied them in a Lovely Planet catalog. Some sex toys are made for gifting, and these brilliant ceramic vibrators are those kinds of vibrators. They are delicate and pretty but powerful and durable (I tried to break mine but failed, happily). They’re also waterproof and firm enough to make excellent massage tools. Each vibrator has two speeds and four modes of vibration. $70
Never ones to rest on their laurels (or I guess at this time of year it would be wreaths?) the folks at OhMiBod have created the world’s first wireless music-responsive vibrator. The vibrator itself is waterproof and vibrates in beat to the music that can be playing on an iPod up to twenty-five feet away. It’s also rechargeable and holds a five-hour charge after two hours of charging. You can also use it on it’s own as it functions as a waterproof seven vibration mode, multi-speed vibrator safe for external stimulation and penetration. Ideal for music lovers and techies alike. $130. More »
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Fun Factory
Perfect for the holidays, the Ellove vibrator is actually whisper quiet (so many vibes make that claim so few deliver). It’s also one of the most powerful battery powered vibrators on the market. From the German sex toy maker Fun Factory Ellove is a luxury variation on their silicone vibrators. It has a better cap, more power, quieter operation, and a “power booster” button that let’s you turn up the power at whatever setting you’re on. It’s also made of silicone so it’s easy to clean, durable, and warms to body temperature. Not recommended for first timers, if you’ve got a vibrator lover on your list they won’t likely be disappointed finding this under the tree. $95 More »
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The Sqweel is by far the funniest vibrator option this holiday season. Developed from a design-your-dream-sex-toy contest run by the UK online sex shop LoveHoney, the Sqweel is a unique sensation vibrator that doesn’t purr so much as it laps. A spinning wheel with ten soft rubber tongues, the Sqweel is great for every body, and does much more than a non-stop imitation of cunnilingus. $60. More »

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bo vibrating penis ring
Image courtesy of LELO

After creating many beautiful sex objects for womens bodies, the Swedish designers at LELO have turned their attention to the boys and created a beautiful and practical vibrating ring for men. Made of stretchy body safe rubber and fully rechargeable, Bo will run for four hours on a one hour charge. Like most vibrating rings, Bo delivers more pleasure to the wearer than a partner on the other end, but tis the season for sharing, and if you’ve got a sophisticated fella, Bo is a highly recommended prize. $79.

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Silver Wrist Cuffs

silver wrist cuffs
Image courtesy of Coco de Mer
Designer Ilya Fleet’s beautiful silver leather wrist cuffs are equal parts unnecessary fashion statement and practical sex gear. The buckles may be attached together or used with tethers to restrain your lover in any number of positions. They may also be worn separately as cuffs for show or to let your partner know your intentions for the evening. $230
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Naughtibod by OhMiBod
Perfect for the techie and music lover on your holiday gift list. Harness the power of your play list with this newest addition to the OhMiBod line of vibrators powered by your MP3 player. Plug the Naughtibod into your iPod and feel the vibration pulse to the beat of the music (no need for batteries). Change up the cap with the additional one included; add some batteries and you’ve got a powerful vibrator with seven patterns of stimulation for use without music. $69 More »
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We Vibe vibrator
Standard Innovation
A completely unique design meant to offer couples a way of seamlessly integrating vibration into sex play. The We Vibe provides clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation during intercourse as it stays in place during penetration (with a toy or a man). The toy features two high quality, powerful motors (two speeds), a silicone body, plus it’s waterproof and fully rechargeable. Great for adventurous couples looking for a different vibe, or lazy ones who don’t want to have to hold a vibrator in place. $130 More »
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Eleven stainless steel dildo
Weighing in at 2 ¾ pounds, Eleven may be the most luxuriously excessive pick on this year’s holiday sex toy list. Lovingly designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Njoy, Eleven functions as a solo and partner double dildo; good for g spot play, PC exercises, and late night walks through a bad part of town (actually it comes with a sleek leather satchel that easily doubles as a stylish clutch). Not recommended for first timers and requiring a lot of trust and communication when used by couples, Eleven nonetheless delivers a unique experience craved by sex toy connoisseurs. Just don’t drop it on your foot. $279 More »
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SaSi vibrator
Image courtesy of Babeland

The newest creation from the makers of Je Joue, the SaSi offers both a unique sensation and user interface. Underneath a thin silicone skin, a round massage head rotates, kneads, and vibrators, offering an original touch sensation. The SaSi is also programmable, so once you know what you like you can easily repeat it with the push of a button. A great choice for tech lovers and very picky vibrator users. $185

Jimmyjane massage candle and massager set
Not all high end sex toys come with a huge price tag, and luxury sex toy designer Jimmyjane delivers a luscious and affordable gift for the holidays with this massage kit. The AfterGlow candle sets the mood and produces a warm, high-slip massage oil. The stone Contour M massager offers smooth and solid support for a penetrating massage or a playful pass over sore muscles and long forgotten sweet spots. Used separately and together this is truly a gift that gives back all year long. Candle is available in three scents and burns for up to 42 hours. $45 More »
Iceberg sex pillow by Love Bumper
Image courtesy of Love Bumper
A new series of carefully designed pillows for better sex, the Love Bumper is taking ergonomics to new heights with products designed to decrease stress and increase movement and capacity for sex play. I love the washable (and waterproof) covers, the pockets for vibrators, and the sleek designs and funky colors. The Iceberg is just one of six shapes that launched this brand new sexual enterprise. $85 More »
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Form 6 by Jimmyjane
Image courtesy of Jimmyjane

This sleek and sturdy vibrator from luxury sex toy designer Jimmyjane feels like something special in your hands. It’s a quiet powerhouse featuring two independently controlled motors, each with a variety of vibration patterns, illuminated push button controls, and seamless medical-grade phthalate-free silicone and stainless steel construction. Bonus: It's shower friendly. Jimmyjane considers their products from every angle resulting in products that you too will appreciate from every angle ($179). More »

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Tryst Dildo
Image courtesy of Come As You Are
Once you pick up one of theses wooden marvels, you simply won’t be able to put it down. Inspired by nature, Nobessence wooden dildos are made from sustainably farmed exotic hardwoods and have a hypoallergenic coating that makes them non-porous and perfectly safe for internal use. The Tryst was designed to be multi-functional, with one end designed for anal penetration and the other for g-spot stimulation. Because each piece is handmade, no two Trysts are exactly alike ($180). More »
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Image courtesy of Nexus
This product, from a relatively new UK manufacturer, offers a genuine anal toy 2.0 experience. Building on the success of other toys designed specifically for prostate stimulation, the Nexus Vibro has smart vibration (three pulsation settings) and a surprisingly effective stainless steel perineum massager. I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners (both the size and the price suggest this is a toy for people who know what they’re looking for). But for anyone who is a bit more advanced, or who has a prostate-massage loving man in their lives, the Nexus will be a welcome treat under the tree ($170). More »
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Delight Vibrator
Fun Factory
Known for bright designs and innovative shapes, German silicone sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory has done it again with the Delight, its newest rechargeable silicone vibrator. Designed for external and internal use, the Delight features 32 vibration settings and conveniently charges while sitting in its carrying case. Between the safety benefits of hypoallergenic silicone and the eco-friendly plus of no batteries, the Delight is a gift you can feel good about giving ($165). More »
Image courtesy of LELO
The Swedish designers at LELO continue their reputation of designing beautiful objects with an almost maddening functionality (seriously, until you figure it out, it can drive you crazy). But, once you’ve found your groove with these toys, you won’t want to stop putting them through their paces (or maybe that should be your paces…I’m not sure). Both Gigi and Liv feature several vibration settings, quiet operation, high-quality silicone, and well-insulated handles, in addition to a sexy, minimalist design. Both can be used externally or for penetration. Gigi (shown in purple) offers a unique g-spot design, while Liv (in blue) is marketed as being equally good for vaginal or anal use ($109 each). More »
Image courtesy of OhMiBod
The newest release from the makers of OhMiBod, the BodiTalk Escort is a cute pink bullet vibrator with seven wonderfully practical vibration patterns that are activated when you place or receive a call on your cell phone. The vibration ends when the call ends. Like all products from OhMiBod, the Escort looks as fun and funky as it feels. Plus, cell-phone-haters can use the vibrator on its own with 2 AAA batteries ($59). More »
Image courtesy of Natural Contours
The newest addition to Candida Royalle’s Natural Contours line of vibrators continues the company's tradition of sensual design and top quality manufacturing while offering a much more powerful massager for anyone looking for more speed and durability. The Ideal is a rechargeable electric vibrator featuring a soft head that’s comfortable for solo or partner play, and a brilliant ergonomic handle that lets you control the placement and pressure of the vibrator with greater precision than larger electric models. Most attachments from other “wand” style vibrators will fit, but the new G-Plus attachment offers simultaneous external and g-spot stimulation (Ideal, $60; G-Plus Attachment, $20). More »
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Give the man in your life a gift of sexual awakening he won’t soon forget. This fun prostate massager is small and soft enough for first timers and powerful enough to offer something to the seasoned pro. The design is non-threatening and versatile, offering simultaneous prostate and perineum massage. It can be used hands-free or with a partner; the material is medical grade silicone, which is easy to clean and gentle to use ($79). More »