Sex in Traditional Chinese Culture

Chinese man surprising girlfriend with roses.

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The Chinese are more traditional than Western people. Talking about sex is controversial. Whenever sex is mentioned, Chinese people usually consider it as being in bad taste. This tradition causes a lack of education about sex issues.

A couple married for many years went to see a doctor for infertility. Both were in good health, but to the doctor's surprise, the couple had never made love. This is one of the extreme cases, but it shows that some people have no knowledge about sex.

Chinese Women and Having Sex

Some young, unmarried women in China have no idea about sex before they become pregnant and have to undergo abortions, which could be avoided if they knew better. Moreover, the lack of knowledge about sex could also lead to the spread of venereal diseases and AIDS. Therefore, sex education is urgently needed in China. Young people need to learn what love is and how to protect themselves.

Sex in China

The Sex Education Program, introduced in 2017, is the main key to the problem. However, the courses set for all levels of schools are not optimized. Teachers and students are always finding themselves in a very embarrassing situation when they debate about sex in class. Sex has become forbidden fruit. Even so, most people think they can use some guidance about sex. Some think it works well to get informed by their peers. Some think they can be taught well from books on sex. Most people seem to find a way to educate themselves. But that is not enough to help the young from getting into bitter results. Impetuous love and sexual activities can be risky and sometimes even fatal, so it is better for them to get educated about sex before they fall in love.

Not everyone is optimistic about this approach. A college student once said that he didn't want to marry a medical graduate. He thought knowing too much about the body and sex would bring an end to romance.

Anyway, bringing sexual knowledge to people, especially to students, is an urgent but long-term task. China is working hard on it with entirely new approaches. More compatible courses have been introduced to junior and senior schools for teens and college students are beginning to debate sex in class. Furthermore, organizations have been established to lead the movement to a higher level to modernize the old views on sex in China.