Sex Games That Couples Can Play Together

Couple laughing in bed together
Cavan Images/Iconica/Getty Images

Are things getting a little too familiar in the bedroom for you and your spouse? Sex games might be the answer. Keep in mind that sex games don’t have to mean doing weird things with which you are not comfortable, nor do they have to be about bringing toys into the bedroom. All you really need are you and your partner and a bit of creativity and honesty. Here are some sex games the two of you can play to spice things up in the bedroom:

Share your fantasies.

Tell each other your wildest sexual fantasies. You have to be honest and open with one another. For many couples, this kind of sharing only takes place after a certain level of comfort is reached. Once you’re married, you should have either already reached this level or be on your way to this kind of increased intimacy. Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you dream of happening. If you’re lucky (and the fantasy isn’t impossible or completely unrealistic), your spouse might make it a reality for you. Sometimes, the sexy talk is enough to get you both hotter than ever.

Strip for one another.

Why go to the strip club when you can have your beloved strip for you in the comfort of your own home? And, hello, happy endings are not illegal or damaging to your marriage when it’s your spouse doing the deed. For this game, turn on your favorite stripper music – “Hot for Teacher” maybe – and slowly and sensually peel off your clothing, one piece at a time.

Don’t allow your spouse to touch you until you’re completely done, at which point, you can throw in a lap dance if you’re game. To build up even more anticipation, don’t allow your spouse to touch you during the lap dance either.

Take on a new persona.

Marriage is for a lifetime, and you should not cheat on your partner.

But having sex with the same person year after year can become more than routine. Shake things up by role playing. You can be a farmer and farm hand, Superman and Lois Lane, CEO and the intern, whatever your pleasure. You can take the role playing as far as you’d like. For instance, you could even have dinner in costume and take on this other personality for the entire evening before you even get into the bedroom.

Try your hand at strip poker.

Strip poker or strip anything (strip Monopoly or strip Yahtzee or strip Battleship) can make for fun foreplay. Pick a game that you both like and that is easy to play with just two people. A sexy game night like this and you’ll never want to leave the house again.

Earn sexual favors.

Little kids do household chores to earn an allowance or receive awards like a new video game. So, why can’t grown ups do household chores to earn sexual favors from their spouse? If this sounds like a good idea to you, you and your spouse can make a list of the household chores that need to be done and choose a sexy reward for each. Maybe you can give your spouse a passionate kiss for vacuuming the living room and oral sex for something requiring more effort, such as cleaning out the garage.

Just make sure the favors go both ways and that no one ends up being uncomfortable or feeling like the favors are additional chores to be completed. This should be fun. One thing is certain, your spouse will finally be willing to take out the garbage.