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A semitone is the smallest musical interval in modern Western music (or, the smallest distance between notes in the chromatic and diatonic scales*). There are two semitones in one whole tone.
* A semitone is always a half step; however, it can be called either diatonic or chromatic:

  • Diatonic semitones affect two different note-names; the distance between F and G-flat (pictured) is a diatonic semitone.
  • Chromatic semitones name the same note; the distance between A and A-sharp.

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Musical Articulation:
◦ staccato
◦ tie
◦ (rfz) rinforzando
◦ arpeggiato
◦ accentato
Volume Commands & Symbols:
◦ (mf) mezzo forte
◦ (sfz) sforzando
◦ diminuendo
◦ al niente
◦ (fp) fortepiano
Common French Musical Terms:
◦ à l’aise
◦ doucement
◦ en ralentissant
◦ mi-doux
◦ très vite
German Musical Commands:
◦ anschwellend
◦ lebhaft
◦ geschwind
◦ fröhlich
◦ schnell
Illustrated Piano Chords:
AbmajAbma7Abma9  | AbminAbm7Abm9  | AbdimAb°7  | AbaugAb+7  | Absus2Absus4