See Hairy Celebrity Slips: Armpits, Legs, Guess Who?

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Whose Very Hairy Armpits Are These?

celebrity slips, hairy celebrities
Photo Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features

This is much more than a little stubble. There's very much overgrown hair here that probably took a couple weeks to grow out to this length. So which celebrity wasn't trying to hide these unshaven armpits, but rather show them off?

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Hairy Armpit Celebrity Revealed

Julia Roberts armpit hair
Photo Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features

It's none other than Julia Roberts' armpit hair, confidently waving at the premiere of "Notting Hill." Maybe she was making some kind of statement. But wow, you can see those underarms a mile away.

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Fashion Blooper: Armpit Stubble and Deodorant Balls

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Photo Bryan Bender / Getty Images

You'd never guess this amazingly beautiful woman would be sporting hairy armpits and deodorant balls. I understand celebrities run busy lives, but shaving is quick and I know she has the money for the best deodorant around.

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Celebrity Fashion Blooper Revealed

celebrity Beyonce, celebrity slips
Photo Bryan Beddar / Getty Images

I knew you'd be surprised! It's Beyonce Knowles at the of premiere of "Cadillac Records." Good thing from far away it's not that noticeable.

Underarm hair grows fast, so it can look long a day after shaving. Waxing and sugaring can give you smooth skin for weeks at a time. Because of the location, you should go to the pros for these underarm hair-ridding methods.

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Celebrity Oops: Who Forgot To Shave Their Legs?

celebrity oops, Lindsay Lohan, celebrity slips
Jill Ann Spaulding/

Okay, this one doesn't scream hairy, but with the light on you can see it against the shadow. Who is it?

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Celebrity Oops Revealed

Lindsay Lohan bloopers, celebrity Lindsay Lohan, hairy celebrities
Photo Ethan Miller / Getty Images

It's Ms. Lindsay Lohan at Pure Nightclub inside the Caesar Palace Hotel. Good thing she naturally has light hair, so from afar it's not noticeable. I wonder if she forgot to shave a spot or just altogether.

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Whose Hairy Legs Are These?

hairy celebrities, fashion bloopers, celebrity slips
Photo Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This hairy celebrity couldn't have happened by accident. Someone purposely came to an Awards show with very hairy legs, who is it?

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Hairy Leg Celebrity Revealed

MoNique, actress Monique, hairy celebrities
Photo Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It's actress MoNique at the 40th annual NAACP Image Awards, pictured on the left.

I know the chore of shaving can get old. Rather than just pulling out a razor for short-lived results you can wax your legs at home, which can last up to six weeks.

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More Hairy Legs

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Image Akihiro I / Getty Images

This one you can see the hair against the back light while she's performing. Who do you think this woman is? HINT: She's a Canadian-born singer.

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Owner of Hairy Legs

celine dion hairy legs, women hairy legs, women with hairy legs
Image Akihiro I / Getty Images

It's Celine Dion's hairy legs performing at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Her hair must not be dark because you can only see it against the light.