Watch How a Body Sugaring Treatment is Done at the Spa

This hair removal method is a win for sensitive skin.

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Body Sugaring Paste is Applied

body sugaring, sugar waxing, sugaring, hair removal
© ALETRIS, Scottsdale, AZ

Sugaring can be used as a paste or a gel. This step-by-step shows how it's performed with the paste.

To prepare for a body sugaring, skin is cleansed of any lotions or oils and sometimes powder is lightly applied. The paste is first put on against the direction of hair growth, in this case the leg. The paste is only warm, about room temperature, so you feel don't feel any strong heat.

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Sugaring Paste Smoothed

Sugaring, Sugar Waxing, Body Hair Removal
© ALETRIS, Scottsdale, AZ

The sugaring paste is sometimes smoothed in the opposite direction of the hair growth, to make sure the paste has firmly surrounded the hair follicles. Mastering the technique for applying the paste is a huge factor in getting rid of all the hair.

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Sugar Hair Removal: Taken Off Different Than Waxing

Sugaring Hair Removal, Sugar Paste, Leg Hair Removal
© ALETRIS, Scottsdale, AZ

Sugar hair removal is different than waxing. The sugar paste is peeled off quickly, in the same direction as the hair growth. With waxing hair removal, the hair is removed in the opposite direction the hair grows. Working in the direction of hair growth makes the discomfort much less than waxing, and results in less breaking of the hair.

Many thanks to Jenn Webdale (read interview) of ALETRIS (now owner of The Sugar Spa) for these photos using Alexandria sugaring products.

To make your own sugaring product, see this recipe and use it as a paste or gel when finished.