Scorpio Report: The Occult and Cultural Sorcery

Matt Whyman/Getty Images.

In Scorpio time, there's a distinctive mood, and the shadow dimensions come to life.  It's one of my favorite times of the year, and I relish the rich atmosphere that's both light and dark.

Our culture is becoming a kind of techno-occult plutocracy, and that's why it's important to be aware of this, and act accordingly. 

In Scorpio peak times, any desires or longings that have been buried by the responsibilities of the day, come out with great emotional force.  The underlying truths are close, and that makes it a great time for soul searching, and making changes to come into sync with the deeper knowing.   

The intuitive and emotional intelligences are sharp and fully engaged.  And since Scorpio season is when the unseen is experience as real, it's given its due (at least in a small way).  

Within the degrees of Scorpio, the veil is said to be at its thinnest, between the living and discarnate spirits.  That's why the celebrations of Hallowe'en (Anglo Saxon) and Samhain (Celtic), along with the Christian All Hallow's Eve came into being.  Halloween and Samhain came from the season as the dying time, when the beloved dead are closer at hand.   

Hidden Knowledge

Whenever Scorpio is conjured, so too, is the mention of its associations, like the occult, secrets, the mysteries of life and death and magic.

The occult is a word that has taken on a life of its own.  It comes from the Latin occultus and simply means hidden, secret, concealed from view.  For many, the word has a black magic mystique, and is feared, as a tool kit of the dark, or secret societies.  

Even has "of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies."  The word has taken on a meaning beyond its root, which is merely that what's hidden. 

The Dark Occult

Growing up in the Seventies, I had the same programming that occult = evil.  At the same time, occult images were showing up in culture, first in music, with rumors of this or that artist selling their soul to the devil. 

Now I see that the association keeps many from getting past the fear, and seeing what's there.  And it can create a fear wall (not unlike a fire wall) that keeps one in the dark.  Or, it becomes seductive, and a way to break from the usual path, and live dangerously.  It becomes cool. 

After doing a lot of research on techniques of mind control, I see that the occult symbols are used, to cast a glamor on the uninitiated.  At its worst, it's a kind of sorcery, and is permeating our culture -- in movies and music especially.  Check out sites like Vigilant Citizen for examples.

The hidden knowledge that's being used is not evil in itself.  But in the hands of those that desire control, it becomes so.

Evil Goes Mainstream

One way this happens, intentionally or not, is through the stories we tell and that are told to us, in images and words.  My husband and I learned this the other night, when watching a very popular show. 

It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea for Scorpio season -- to watch a show called American Horror Story.  Great actors I admire, and a first series set in a haunted house was enough to give it a viewing.

While I was scared, the main thing we both felt (my husband and I) was disturbed at the sadism.  Other movie makers have critiqued American Horror Story's scenes of torture porn.  

I watched only two episodes, and that was enough.  What struck me about the family that moved into the haunted house, is that they had zero immunity against the demonic presences that moved freely in their house.  They all had fractured psyches, from trauma, betrayal, being bullied -- Scorpio themes. 

In the second episode I viewed, the creators of this show use trigger words in a subliminal flash-style, from real national nightmares like the Manson murders of 1969.  This is a mirror of the real American horror story -- that of mind control through psychic trauma and re-triggering. 

Some of this began in Scorpio season back in the thirties, with the War of the World's Hoax broadcast, a staged event, and seemingly a prototype for public panic.

Summoning Nightmares

There's more to that event than meets the eye, too, as Peter Levenda explores in  The Manson Secret, the final book in his series on occult history called Sinister Forces. 

In aninterview with author Whitley Strieber on the book, Levenda makes this comment,  "There's this idea of loss and the idea of fear, which the magicians will take and transmute into something more lethal.  They know quite rightly, that these are very deep feelings that affect the entire nervous system and affect our biology, our consciousness in so many deleterious ways.  And the magicians can take that and turn it around, and turn it into an active process."  Here he's talking about sorcerers -- those who know work the public's fear and loss, for their own ends. 

Though it's spooky territory, once you understand how and why these traumas are staged, you're more immune to the assault.  The Scorpio experience is one of initiation, and growing in strength to be able to meet the terrors of the dark.  Levenda shows in his book how individuals and the masses are being initiated, without preparation or a support system in place.

If you're aware of false flags, and prepared to have your mind blown, consider that the Manson murders were staged for social engineering aims.  For a spooky-good article on this, check out the Tate Murders were a False Flag.

And what happens to those rushed into an initiation with the dark that they're not prepared for?  One possibility is possession, and indeed Priests Blame Rising Number of Exorcisms on Youth Interest in the Occult. 

More Tips for Psychic Immunity

  • Scorpio energies are those of creative chaos.  Get intimate with the risk of that chaos, and gain confidence in your ability to transform it.
  • Scorpio is synonymous with the unconscious.  Knowing yourself, especially your shadow side, is the way to avoid being manipulated and controlled by others. 
  • Embark on the discovery of truth, which includes hidden knowledge. 
  • Avoid activities that put you into a trance, like watching too much television.
  • Shield your children from disturbing images and stories when possible.