The Highs & Lows of a Scorpio/Pisces Relationship

A Loving Couple
Tom Merton/Getty Images

Scorpio and Pisces are passionate water signs, so it's no wonder they are swept into each other's arms. The power of their emotions makes for a very romantic union. Let's look now at how the currents can be inspired, or become a miasma of stagnation.


Both are acutely sensitive to surroundings and people. This is comforting, as each picks up on that, and can navigate that world of nuance together. They can share what they're sensing about a situation and will understand if the mood shifts suddenly. They can "feel" each other out, and take comfort in having that intimacy.

Both Scorpio and Pisces are super psychic. They might finish each other's sentences. Both need time alone and will be respectful of that. Physical intimacy is very sensual and passionate. It's a dreamy bond, with devotion.

Pisces tends to be more "spiritual" in its outlook and can help the Scorpio that has lost its faith. Scorpio tends to get stuck in resentments, hatreds, rages, jealousies. That's where Pisces can help by encouraging forgiveness. Sometimes Pisces can offer a 'many lifetimes' view of what's going on, and help Scorpio see themselves as learning karmic lessons.

Scorpio can show Pisces how to have strong emotional boundaries and self-control. Scorpio is more confident, able to motivate Pisces into taking risks. Scorpio helps Pisces stop being afraid of life, and swimming away from necessary conflicts.

The dreamy Pisces can find grounding in the real world attitude of the Scorpio. At times no-nonsense, Scorpio helps Pisces figure out what their real gifts and resources are. Pisces can struggle with drug and alcohol problems. The deep healer traits of Scorpio help Pisces pull themselves together and find their personal power.

More Highs: cozy home life; shared desire for a strong emotional bond; merging in the sex act; soulful depth; vivid imagination.


Pisces can have thin skin, and that makes them vulnerable to Scorpio's poisonous venom. A malleable Pisces in the hands of a control freak Scorpio is doomed. The issue is about personal will, which can be a weak point for Pisces and a strong point for Scorpio. If there's a lot of acting out, this can be a role play of master and servant, or abuser and victim. But sometimes these are roles we have to act out, to understand ourselves and make other choices. Scorpio's nature is often extreme, and this can lead impressionable Pisces to dark places.

If Pisces is deep in addiction, this opens them up to being drained by an emotional vampire Scorpio. If Pisces is not committed to their own life, they can surrender to an unhealthy alliance that leaves them self-less. Pisces gets lost in the long shadow of Scorpio. If both partners are willing to walk through the darkness together, any of these dark relationship issues can be resolved.

Other Lows: emotional stagnation; passive-aggressive behavior; betrayal.