How to Wear a Scarf for Short Women

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Line a V-Neckline

Scarf lining V-neckline
How to wear a scarf: way #1 is to line a V-neckline. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

The first option is to line a V-neckline. V-necklines flatter petite women by helping to create the illusion of a longer line overall as well as a longer neck. To wear a scarf this way, just fold a rectangular-shaped oblong scarf and tuck it inside the V-neckline. A square scarf will work also, but it will require more folding and may make for a bulkier appearance, so if you use a square scarf, select a lightweight one, such as silk chiffon. Because a scarf worn in way #1 will be right next to your skin, stay away from any fabric, such as scratchy wool, that's not totally comfortable.

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Wear a Scarf as a Necklace

Scarf as necklace with pendant
How to wear a scarf: way #2 is to wear the scarf as a necklace. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

To achieve this look, start with a rectangular-shaped oblong scarf. Fold the scarf lengthwise to the desired width. Then clip your pendant to the center of the scarf, forming a pendant necklace.

In the picture, I used a colorful, large vintage earring, but a vintage shoe clip would work as well, or you could use a brooch as the pendant. When using a brooch as the pendant in this style, you may need to knot the scarf in the middle so that you can pin it securely. To complete the scarf necklace, simply tie the ends together in the back.

This style doesn't necessarily have to be worn with a V-neckline. It's a pendant necklace, so it will create its own V-shape, which is flattering for short women.

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Wear a Scarf Like a Tie

Scarf tied like man's tie
How to wear a scarf: way #3 is to wear the scarf like a tie. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

Create a slimming look with a single centered vertical column by wearing a scarf knotted like a man's necktie. Rather than sliding the knot up toward the neck and tightening it, pull the knot downwards to form a V-shape. If you're already wearing a garment with a V-neckline, position the knot right at the V.

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Under Lapels

Scarf under jacket lapels
How to wear a scarf: way #4 is to wear the scarf under lapels. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

A long rectangular-shaped oblong scarf works best for this look. Simply position the center of the scarf under the back neckline of a jacket or coat, bring the scarf under the lapels, and let the scarf hang straight down, creating a couple of vertical lines, which help short women look taller.

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Inside a Coat or Jacket

Scarf with winter coat
How to wear a scarf: way #5 is to wear the scarf inside a coat or jacket. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

Layer a long scarf inside a coat or jacket and let the ends hang straight down. The scarf ends may be positioned either evenly for a classic look or unevenly for an asymmetrical look. On cold winter days, select a fine wool or cashmere scarf for warmth.

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Tied on a Handbag

scarf tied in bow on handbag
How to wear a scarf: way #6 is to tie the scarf to a handbag. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

Even if you prefer a monochromatic dressing scheme, which makes short women look taller, you can add some color and fashion interest by tying a scarf to the handle of your handbag. Form a bow or just tie a knot and let the ends dangle like streamers.

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Draped Over One Shoulder

Scarf over one shoulder - asymmetrical look
How to wear a scarf: way #7 is to wear the scarf draped over one shoulder. Photo © 2009 by Paula Darnell

One-shoulder looks remain popular, but you don't have to bare a shoulder in cool weather to create an asymmetrical one-shoulder look.

To create this style, drape a scarf over one shoulder and secure it at the shoulder seam with a tiny safety pin, fashion tape, or a few hand tacking stitches that can be removed easily. An alternative way to secure the scarf is with a brooch in the front. Because brooches usually leave pinholes in delicate fabric, only use this method with loose-weave scarves so that pinholes won't show in the scarf's fabric.

For a bolder one-shoulder look, use a square scarf folded diagonally, draping one point in back, one point in front, and the third point over the arm. This is a good way for short women to wear a limited amount of pattern by choosing a colorful print scarf worn with a dark solid dress or jacket.