Scale Management: On the Cutting Edge of New Media

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New Media

Jesse Daley pictured with Scale Management: Matthew Martin, Clayton Santillo, Kyle Santillo.

The entertainment industry is currently experiencing a massive transition, which is changing the way that the industry operates on many levels.  “New Media” is taking over, and it’s happening quickly!  According to Wikipedia, “New Media most commonly refers to content available on-demand through the Internet, accessible on any digital device, usually containing interactive user feedback and creative participation. Common examples of new media include websites such as online newspapers, blogs, or wikis, video games, and social media.”

Actor friends, if you’ve been avoiding getting involved with social media, the time to start utilizing it to your advantage is right now.  Although the internet and “New Media” have been around for quite some time (YouTube recently celebrated its 10th birthday), only fairly recently has the entertainment industry overall been affected dramatically by social media. There are numerous social media and new media platforms, including of course, YouTube.  These platforms have helped to launch careers in entertainment for many people, and it has created a new generation of celebrities.  Although many of these internet stars are born online, their social-media fame can help them to access many other opportunities in entertainment, including acting jobs.  For an actor or an artist, social media and new media provide more opportunities to share work, which ultimately leads to more opportunities to further one’s career!

Scale Management, a talent management company that focuses primarily on working with and developing talent and content creators within the new media space, has been on the cutting edge of this progressive wave of media.  The owners of the company share an important message for actors and anyone interested in entertainment:  new media can seriously boost opportunities in a career in entertainment.

I have had the privilege of knowing Scale Management owners, Matthew Scott Martin and Kyle Santillo for quite some time, and they are two extremely motivated, hard-working individuals.  I caught up with Matthew and Kyle (as well as Clayton Santillo, who also works for the company)- for an interview regarding their work as talent managers in new media.  Click the next slide to read it!

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What is Scale Management and What Do They Do?

Scale Management.

Talent management company Scale Management is owned by Matthew Scott Martin and Kyle Santillo. Matt Martin said of the company:  “We are a personal talent management group that is focused on the new digital world and connecting it with the ‘traditional world’ [of entertainment] so that our clients are not only taking full advantage of the opportunities that are already out there in the traditional world, but also are taking full advantage of the opportunities in new media.”

I asked Matthew about his work background- and how Scale Management as a business came to be.  He replied:  “I come from a traditional music background, working with various labels and artists.  Since then I have been working with social media influencers [who have gained a notable following from their work].  Our motivation to create Scale Management came from recognizing that the digital space is taking over the world!  We wanted to be on the cutting edge, bridging the gap between ‘traditional Hollywood’ and the digital space.”

Kyle Santillo’s interest in new media began with his work in public relations and business.  He said:  “I went to school for international business, and I come from a business background.  I worked in public relations in NYC for 4½ years for a fashion designer and was the PR Director during the last 2 years of that job.  I was starting to see new media come to surface when a lot of the public relations budget was starting to be spent on social media influencers.”

In November of 2014, Matthew and Kyle teamed up and began managing several “social media influencers” (men and women who have large social media followings) and began connecting them to all areas of the entertainment industry in order to expand work opportunities.  For clients of Scale Management, Matthew explains, “We utilize our resources and connections within the industry to open as many doors as possible for our clients, while at the same time cultivating their brand and imagery.”  Kyle added, regarding branding, “We put a lot of focus on [our clients’] development as a brand, their career advancement, and [helping them grow in their careers] into something that includes longevity.”

Building your brand as an actor is extremely important, and utilizing social media as a way to do this can be immensely helpful.  Of course, simply signing up and utilizing social media doesn’t guarantee that someone is going to have a successful acting career or a career in the entertainment business.  We actors must constantly be studying, networking, and essentially doing everything within our power to further our careers. Social media is a tool to use in order to help share your talent and individuality.

I have heard some actors explain that they believe involvement with social media can feel like an “invasion of privacy” and that it can “be very time-consuming.”  While it may be true that privacy can be “invaded” on social media, issues with privacy can also happen in an acting career.  It is also true that using social media can be time-consuming.  But any career in entertainment consumes your life!  Finding success requires much time and patience.  However the benefits of building a social media fan-base can be incredibly rewarding.  

On this topic, Matthew explains:  “It is crucial for anyone, whether it is an actor, musician, dancer, model, etc., to get involved in new media.  We have seen recently movies created solely around these influencers based on their followings.  Casting directors are now [also] looking [for artists] based off of new media followings.”

Talent manager Clayton Santillo says, "There's something to be said for the effort behind online creators — Unlike traditional TV, these individuals 100% create, live and breathe their own premium content. They write, direct, film, and edit all of their own material."

From a business perspective, Kyle adds:  “Production groups know that - if they put someone that already has an established audience in a movie - they’re going to have more success as far as viewership goes for the movie, rather than having to implement a specific marketing budget.”  

Another variation on this marketing theme was expressed by Bradley Cooper in his recent 60 Minutes interview.  Cooper indicated that every actor has a “number” associated with his or her name, and that number reflects the actor’s following and money-earning potential.  

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Social Media and Entertainment:  Why Get Involved Now?

Social Networking. Todor Tsvetkov / E+ / Getty Images

As mentioned, in the last several years new media and social media have grown and changed tremendously.  But this doesn’t mean that this is a “new” phenomenon of finding success in entertainment from social media platforms.  Actor Lucas Cruikshank and singer Justin Bieber are two examples of pioneer artists who became famous several years ago because of YouTube.  

I asked Matthew and Kyle why it is so important to become involved with new media now, given that social media platforms have been around for quite some time.  Matt explained: “Well, we have seen a rapid transformation in new media.  New media four years ago was [only] YouTube.  Now new media consists of a whole slew of platforms and realms.” (Examples of these platforms where content creators are finding success are Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, just to name a few.) 

Given that new media is growing at an exponential rate, where is it all headed?  What will become of “YouTubers” and “internet celebrities”?  I asked Matthew where he believes the new media industry and his company would be several years from now.  Matt explained: “The only thing that is for certain is we will see more brands moving to advertising through social media.  We will also see entertainment moving away from TV/film to the internet and streaming sites.  I predict that in the next 10 years, record sales will be non-existent; people will solely stream.”  

Matt says about the future of Scale Management:  “In the next few years our company is definitely looking to expand as much as we can.  However, we are going to take it slow, because our clients’ well-being and development are our top priorities.”  

The clients of Scale Management are already well on their way to seeing lots of success as artists who have gotten their starts due to social media.  Click the next slide to meet some of them, and to see how they are using social media to help pave the way to making their dreams come true in entertainment.  

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Social Media is Helping to Make Dreams a Reality!

Jesse Daley pictured with Gabriel Conte, Aidan Alexander and Griffin Arnlund at Scale Management Office in Beverly Hills, CA.

Pictured from left to right is actor Gabriel Conte, (myself!), actor Aidan Alexander, and model Griffin Arnlund.  These three talented individuals are among a select number of clients that Scale Management represents and manages.  They, along with the other talented clients at Scale Management, are making their dreams their reality with the help of social media.

By constantly interacting with their fans from their social networks, they have all built very impressive social followings.  According to information provided by Scale Management, actor Gabriel Conte and actor Aidan Alexander have already booked work in numerous productions and advertisement campaigns.  Entertainment personality/model Griffin Arnlund is finding much success by simply sharing her advice, her experiences, and her enthusiastic personality on her YouTube channel, while pursuing a modeling career!  (Be sure to follow them!)

While their achievements are incredible at such a young age, what impresses me the most about everyone whom I’ve met at Scale Management are their kind attitudes.  Scale Management truly is a group of inspiring individuals who are following dreams and making a positive impact in other’s lives.  (It is extremely important to keep good people around you in the entertainment industry!) 

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How Can You Be a Part of New Media?

Jesse Daley pictured with Dylan Dauzat.

As Scale Management owners Matt and Kyle explain, becoming involved with social media is crucial.  However, just like an acting career, gaining notoriety on social media requires time, energy, and hard work.  It typically doesn’t happen overnight.  (And even if you do happen to have your video go viral one day, you must be prepared to work at keeping your audience entertained for your subsequent videos!)  The entertainment industry – and specifically new media – moves at a rapid pace.  You must be willing to keep up with it all.  Kyle Santillo simply stated, “It requires a lot of work.”

Should you choose to sign up for social media sites such as YouTube, one of the main principles to follow is one that I believe actors should follow as well:  embrace your individuality!  (Your individuality is that key factor that separates you from every other actor!)

Another client of Scale Management, talented artist Dylan Dauzat, got his start in entertainment due to social media.  18-year-old singer/songwriter/actor Dylan Dauzat has garnered a massive social media following.  He has appeared in numerous ad campaigns because of his presence on the internet.  He simply advises anyone who is interested in becoming involved with new media to “be you.”    

I also asked Dylan how social media has changed his life.  He replied, “It IS my life!  I get to help other people feel better about themselves by what I say in my messages.  Why not make a positive impact?”  

New Media Frontier Explorers

I often refer to Matthew Martin, Kyle Santillo and Clayton Santillo as “modern-day explorers,” as they are part of a generation who is discovering, pioneering and paving the way through a new world of entertainment.  Matt, Kyle and Clayton, here’s to lots of success with Scale Management, with your awesome clients, and in new media!